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Travel cards


Why is it worth it to get a travel card?

A Föli travel card is definitely worth its price, because a correctly selected travel card is more affordable than paying for single tickets.

Paying with a card makes travel smoother.

What does a travel card cost?

The travel card itself costs 5 euros, which is a one-time payment upon purchase. After this, you make payments to “top up/load” the card. 

The price list and information on how to load the travel card can be found here.

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Season ticket

The season ticket is perfect for those who travel regularly.

Value card

The value card is suitable for those who travel infrequently.

Tupla card

The Tupla card is for persons who do not know how much they will be travelling beforehand.

Discount cards

Children, young people, students, seniors and people with disabilities can get discounts on the prices of travel cards. War veterans and disabled veterans may receive a complimentary travel pass.

The discount can be recorded on the card at a service point. You will need to bring with you an identification card with a photo. A separate application form is needed for the school transport subsidy card, student and disabled travel card and complimentary pass for disabled veterans or war veterans.

The travel cards for discount groups are personal. In instances of misuse, drivers and ticket inspectors have the right to take possession of the card. 


Commuter ticket

The Föli commuter ticket allows you to trade in sitting behind the wheel in traffic to relaxing and planning your dream vacation, for example. The commuter ticket is an excellent choice if you’re looking for employee benefits. 

The commuter ticket is a personal benefit employees can use to top up their Föli card with a season or specific amount.

For employers, the commuter ticket is a good way to put an eco-friendly corporate strategy into practice and encourage employees to use public transport. 

kuvituskuva, maskia käyttävä matkustaja bussissa

Föli for school groups

Föli offers a teachers’ travel card with a credit feature. It is intended for the use of comprehensive schools and general upper secondary schools, for groups of pupils travelling under the supervision of a teacher. The card can be used to pay for 1–31 bus trips at once (teacher + 30 pupils).


Where can I buy a travel card?

You can purchase a travel card at any Föli service point in one of the municipalities in the Föli area.

Travel cards can be topped up through loading and service points, ticket machines, the Föli shop and the Föli application.

Questions about travel cards?

If you have questions about travel cards, please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page. If necessary, you can also contact the Föli customer service.