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    The New Turku Market Square

    Public transport will be able to use the new stops at the Market Square on 31 October 2022. 

    Check out Föli's new stop arrangements in the Market Square. 


    Joint tickets for Föli and events

    An increasing number of event tickets now includes a public transport ticket. This means that your event ticket doubles as a Föli ticket.


    Föli is easy climate action

    Choose public transport to easily reduce your carbon footprint. 

    Public transport is an inherently climate-friendly means of transport and an environmentally friendly choice. Fewer emissions are generated when several people ride in one vehicle.

    Föli is also constantly increasing the number of low-emission electric buses in traffic. Currently, the Föli fleet includes 70 electric buses driving about 6 million kilometres per year.


    What do I need to know when I travel by bus for the first time?

    You can find a compilation of information on Föli's prices and services as well as instructions on how to use our electronic services on the Welcome page.