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    Real-time departures

    Changes and disruptions in traffic

    Water bus trips can be paid with the contactless payment

    Water buses will run until the end of August. Weekend traffic will continue until Turku Day on 19 September.


    Föli Friends help seniors travel by bus

    Föli Friends are volunteer seniors who provide their peers with guidance and help on the use of Föli transport services.


    Local travel with Föli

    Here we have collected interesting sights and locations in the Föli region, which can be accessed easily when you want some adventure in your life. Read about the sites and go visit them – adventure awaits closer than you think, #föliseikkailu!


    Contactless payment

    Contactless payment allows passengers to pay for their trip with a debit or credit card. Welcome to experiencing the easiest mode of travelling in the world!


    Föli blog

    Try Föli’s timetable services

    Föli offers many services to make travelling easier. These services provide useful information about routes and timetables

    Tips for using the Föli journey planner

    You can use the Föli journey planner for much more than finding a route between locations A and B. For example, you can find loading points near you, locate buses and print out bus stop timetables. The journey planner is easy to use both on a computer and a mobile device.

    Start using the journey planner with these tips!

    Föli’s journey planner updated

    Föli’s journey planner is now better than ever at helping you get where you want to go. The journey planner was updated to a new version, which was developed with feedback from the users in mind.

    The new journey planner makes moving around easier and smoother than before.


    Working towards easier travel

    We at Föli are constantly improving public transport because we want to make travelling smooth and easy. We admit that we like technology, because it helps us serve our customers increasingly well.

    Therefore, we were the first in Finland to implement contactless payment in local transport – and one of the first in the whole world. We have invested in a high-speed online travel card top-up system, thanks to which a top-up becomes instantly available on your Föli card.

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