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Turku region traffic

Tickets and prices

Single tickets

For single journeys, valid two hours for buses and water buses. 

Prices: adults €3, with cash payment on the bus €4. 
Children under 15 €1.50, with cash payment on the bus €2. 
The night fee is +1 € to the normal ticket price. Children under 7 can travel free of charge when accompanied by a paying passenger or a person who is transporting a child in a pushchair.

You can purchase single tickets with contactless payment, from the Föli mobile app, at service points, from ticket machines and from busses with cash. 

Daily tickets

Daily tickets provide you with 1-7 days of travel on Föli transports.

You can purchase daily tickets through the Föli app, service points and from R-kioski. You can also purchase a single day ticket from a Föli ticket machine and from the driver with cash or using contactless payment.

Travel cards

The season ticket is suitable for those who use public transport regularly, the value card serves those who travel infrequently, and the Tupla card is for those who don’t know beforehand how much they will be travelling.

You can purchase travel cards at service points and you can load your travel card at service and loading points and in the Föli shop.

Learn more about the various travel card options.


Single ticket (2h)

    Normal price
    Night price 23-04
    Kontant från bussen
    Kontant från bussen, nattpris kl. 23-04

    Season ticket and flexible season ticket

      30 days
        Adult, 30 days

        Value card (2h)

          Normal price
          Day price 9-12.59
          Night price 23-04

          Day tickets

            1 dag
              Adult, 1 dag

              Tupla card

                30 days

                Prices (pdf)

                Other fees


                Customers who use a walker may travel on Föli buses and water buses free of charge Monday to Friday 9 am–12:59 pm.The rate charged is defined based on the actual time of stepping onto the bus; not based on the scheduled departure of the bus or the estimated bus stop timetables. Therefore, if a bus is late and arrives at a stop after the free travel period, the normal rate must be paid.


                Persons seated in wheelchairs and their escorts may travel free of charge. The escort of a person who has a disability travel card entitling them to an escort may also travel free of charge.


                Conscripts and persons undergoing civilian service can travel with a children’s single ticket by presenting their conscript card or civilian service certificate to the driver. The single ticket must be shown to the reader device each time when boarding a vehicle. The right of transfer with single tickets is two hours.



                Bicycles can be taken on buses at the driver’s discretion. A transportation fee of €6 is charged for bicycles. The fee can be paid on the bus in cash or by contactless payment. There is no exchange right in the transportation fee.

                Foldable bicycles can be transported free of charge, when folded. No fee is collected for three-wheeled kick scooters akin to walkers. Short kick scooters are also transported free of charge. Long kick scooters, such as kickbikes, are treated the same way as bicycles, and a transportation fee is collected for them.

                Pushchairs and prams

                Those who are transporting a child in a pushchair or pram can use buses free of charge. 

                The child does not need to be in the pushchair when boarding the bus or during travel. They can also sit on a bus bench or be in a baby sling, for example. If this is the case, please ensure that the child remains seated on a bench safely. 


                A freight rate will be charged, when a customer brings freight to a bus driver and pays by contactless payment for the package. The package will be left at the desired final terminal station or bus stop. The transportation fee is € 6.00 (incl. VAT 24%). An adult single ticket fee (€ 3.00) is charged for cargo managed by a passenger.

                All goods that cannot be considered to be personal luggage are considered cargo. No fee is collected for the transportation of skis. The transportation of dangerous substances (flammable liquids, gas cylinders, etc.) in passenger compartments is prohibited.

                bussikortti, kuvituskuva

                Find the best payment method for you

                Föli shop

                You can use the Föli shop to load either a season ticket or value on your travel card.

                Students can authenticate with Fölishop using the Haka identity federation, and users of employer-subsidised transport tickets can load their travel cards for a discount price determined by their employer.

                You can also use Föli shop to check the journeys that you have made using contactless payments and associated charges

                Contactless payment

                Contactless payment allows passengers to pay for their trip with a debit or credit card. 

                Welcome to experience the easiest mode of travelling in the world!

                Single tickets and day tickets from the Föli application

                You can buy tickets through the Föli application. After doing so, simply show the ticket to the same reader device on the bus used to check travel cards – but be sure to place your phone under the device. You can download the Föli application on Apple and Android phones from your phone’s application store. The app also provides access to a journey planner and topical traffic notices and news.


                Commuter ticket

                The Föli commuter ticket allows you to trade in sitting behind the wheel in traffic to relaxing and planning your dream vacation, for example. The commuter ticket is an excellent choice if you’re looking for employee benefits. 

                The commuter ticket is a personal benefit employees can use to top up their Föli card with a season or specific amount.

                For employers, the commuter ticket is a good way to put an eco-friendly corporate strategy into practice and encourage employees to use public transport. 

                Event tickets double as Föli tickets!

                An increasing number of event tickets now includes a public transport ticket.

                Tickets to these events function as Föli tickets, allowing the ticket-holder to travel on buses and water buses before and after the event in question without the need for a separate bus ticket. The Föli bus ticket included in an event ticket can be used for three hours before the performance in question and two hours after it for a total of four trips – i.e. one transfer each way.



                Bus lines on which Föli tickets are not valid:

                117, 118, 119, 802

                When you travel using these bus routes, you can pay using Seutu+ season ticket, for example.

                When travelling across the Föli area boundary, a separate ticket must be purchased from the driver.

                The Föli gift card is a moving and environmentally friendly gift idea!

                Föli sells gift cards at the Monitori customer service centres in Kauppatori and Skanssi as well as at municipal service points. You can load the gift card with any sum between 1 and 400 euros.