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Students who are registered or reside in a Föli area municipality are eligible for the student discount.

To take advantage of the student discount, you will need a loadable bus card – these cards are personal and cost €5. The student discount does not cover single tickets. Students under 20 can travel using youth-discounted travel cards, which have the same pricing as students’ travel cards.



Criteria for granting a student discount

Home municipality

The student’s home municipality is located in the Föli region (Turku, Kaarina, Naantali, Lieto, Rusko, Raisio), or they have listed one of the Föli region’s municipalities as their temporary address in the population registry.


The student is at least 20 years old. Students under the age of 20 can be granted a travel card for young people.


  • The student studies at a comprehensive school, upper secondary school, folk high school, vocational institution, university of applied sciences, university or an institute of higher education located in Finland.
  • The applicant is studying on a full-time basis.
  • Under normal circumstances, the studies will lead to a qualification or degree (exceptions: comprehensive school, liberal adult education programmes in folk high schools, and UAS path studies)
  • The estimated total duration of the studies is at least one academic year. The length of the academic year must be at least nine months, for example from September to May.

Student discount is also granted if

  • You're a VALMA or TUVA student
  • You study the Finnish language (on a full-time basis and the total duration of your studies is at least one academic year (9 months))
  • Polku-students (application or TUUDO-application is needed)


Easy identification as a student through Haka!

Students can now register their student status in Föli shop. This means that they will no longer need to visit a service point in order to receive or renew a student discount. Currently, the students of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Åbo Akademi and the University of Turku and Tampere who have a Föli travel card can use the identification system to top up their cards online.

Currently, the Haka identification system can only be used by students from the three education providers mentioned above. Students from other schools must still visit Föli’s service point with a valid student card or a filled-in student card application form in order to receive a student discount on their travel card.

Using the system is easy

1. Register as a user of the Föli shop– unless you already have a user account – and log in.

2. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access the Haka identification system in the profile tab to see whether you are eligible for a student discount.

3. After successful identification, you can top up your travel card for the normal discount price. The discount will be available until the end of the term, i.e. 30 September.


Education providers that do not yet use this identification system are welcome to contact us to enable it. You can reach us via email at joukkoliikenne(at)

Certificates needed

  • Student card application (educational institution’s stamp and signature) or
  • a valid student card by SYL or SAMOK, either in a digital format or as a blue card with the institute’s term stamp/sticker, student card by OSKU ry or an SLL student card or ISIC-card. Or a student card in the Slice, Pivo, Tuudo, or Frank mobile application.

Note! If you are a transfer student, for example, and you do not have a Finnish personal identity code, you must fill in a student card application or have a student card in a mobile application.

The student card will not be granted to:

  • Post-graduate students of universities and other institutes of higher education, such as licentiate or doctorate students. However, students studying for a Licentiate in Medicine degree are considered to be studying for a basic university degree and are thus eligible for a student discount
  • People in apprenticeship training.
  • Students studying abroad.

Important information

The student card’s right to purchase period generally takes place from the beginning of the educational establishment’s autumn term until the end of September the following year. The student-specific right to purchase period will be recorded on the card. After the right to purchase period ends, student cards are charged in accordance with adult rates. The exception to this is the Tupla card, which can no longer be used after the right to purchase period has ended. The card and its balance can be used again after it has been updated for a new term or changed into an adult travel card at a Föli public transport service point.

The card is personal and the customer is not allowed to hand it out to another person. In instances of misuse, drivers and ticket inspectors have the right to take the card away from the holder. A confiscated card can be picked up after two weeks from Monitori Market Square (Aurakatu 8, Turku) for a handling fee of €7.

Balances loaded onto a lost travel card can be transferred to a new travel card for a redemption fee and a handling fee.

The redemption fee will not be compensated.

Fölläri - citybikes benfit

The Turku citybikes, fölläri-bikes, are shared used bikes. They are operated by Donkey Republic and administered by the city of Turku. Every Föli-season card with 30 days or more includes an hour per bike per day - use of the citybikes. In practise this means after riding a bike for an hour you can change to another one and continue the journey. Start by downloading the Donkey Republic app, where you can find your closest free bike. By adding your FÖli-card details to the app you can combine your card to the Donkey Republic membership.


Föli- season ticket (at least 30 days) includes the right to use the fölläri-bikes one hour at the time. Which means you can use a bike for an hour without an extra cost. Use of bikes that extends beyond the hour are charged according to the additional time price list

Without the Föli season ticket:

  • One time payment 2,00 euro/ 1 h
  • Monthly membership 6,00 euro
  • The 2023 season membership  starting from April until the end of October 35 euro
  • After buying any of the afore mentioned products, you are entiteled to use a fölläri-bike for one hour after which the additional time price list kicks in
  • The montly membership and seasonal membership also lets you use the Donkey Republic bikes in other cities where they operate. 

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