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Turku region traffic

Transport outside the Föli region


Föli operates in Turku, Lieto, Kaarina, Rusko, Raisio and Naantali. The area is outlined by the municipal boundaries.

Föli tickets can also be used in many of the lines that run beyond the area, but they are valid only in the area of the Föli municipalities. Trips cannot be partially paid with a Föli ticket. Instead, when travelling across the Föli area boundary, a separate ticket must be purchased from the driver.

Bus lines on which Föli tickets are not valid: 117, 118, 119, 802. When you travel using these bus routes, you can pay using Seutu+ season ticket, for example.

Details, prices and timetables for traffic outside the Föli region are available at the links below.

Fölin aluekartta


Seutu+ is a season ticket maintained by the ELY Centre for Southwest Finland. You can use it to pay for journeys on the following lines: Pargas, Paimio, Aura, and Mynämäki-Nousiainen-Masku. Seutu+ tickets are valid both on basic journeys and on extended and transfer journeys within the Föli area. You can purchase Seutu+ tickets on the Seutu+ mobile app or at service points.

The Seutu+ season product is purchased using the Seutu+ mobile app which you can download on your phone. The application is available for the latest Android and iOS phones. Please notice that using the mobile app requires signing up for a user account. You can pay for your ticket using a debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard), MobilePay, Pivo or Apple Pay. The Seutu+ mobile app is maintained by PayIQ. The mobile ticket is stamped by showing the ticket’s QR code to the reader when boarding a Föli bus.

The physical Seutu+ travel card can be purchased at service points. You can top up the card on the Seutu+ website or at a service point. The service points are located in Turku, Paimio, Parainen, Masku, Mynämäki and Aura.


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