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Föli commuter ticket

The Föli commuter ticket is an employee benefit that makes travel easy, environmentally friendly and more affordable. Forget about the morning and afternoon traffic and make good use of your travelling time – or even take a little nap! For employers, a commuter ticket is a good way to make their employees happy and reduce the carbon footprint of commuting.

How to get your commuter ticket:

  1. Ask your employer to offer a commuter ticket as a benefit.
  2. Load the benefit to your Föli card.
  3. Enjoy your environmentally friendly travelling

Affordable and convenient way to get to work and back

The commuter ticket is a personal benefit that is loaded to the Föli card. The benefit works on the same principle as, for example, lunch or sports benefits, but it does not include a pre-payment or transaction fees. The commuter ticket can be used as a means of payment in all Föli transport, such as buses and water buses, and its use is not restricted to travel between the workplace and home.

Tax-deductible benefit without non-wage labour costs

For employers, the Föli commuter ticket is an excellent way to support their employees travelling in an easy and environmentally friendly way. It also helps in strengthening a positive employer image. The commuter ticket does not incur any non-wage labour costs, and the purchase costs of the tickets are tax deductible. Since the Föli commuter ticket is a fringe benefit, it is not mandatory to offer it on the same terms to all employees.

Commuter ticket benefits for the employee

  • Tax-exempt benefit up to €3400
  • Get an employer-supported Föli travel card at a lower cost 
  • Travel on all Föli buses and water buses
  • The benefit is conveniently loaded to the travel card in the Föli shop. Taking advantage of the benefit requires signing up for the service and using strong authentication ( 

Commuter ticket benefits for the employer

  • No non-wage labour costs and the purchase costs of the tickets are tax deductible
  • An alternative to a company car or other employee benefit
  • A way to implement an environmentally friendly business strategy
  • Helps to strengthen a positive employer image


You can check the employee benefits offered by your employer directly from your employer. For example, the City of Turku provides its employees with Föli commuter tickets at an affordable price. The terms and details for the benefit can be found in the City of Turku’s intranet, i.e. MeTku.

Employer, employ the Föli commuter card

You can start using Föli commuter cards in your company by e-mailing us at 


Föli's commuter ticket is a climate action

A commuter ticket is a salary increase that is cost-effective for the employer, as it does not cause the employer or the employee any additional costs.

Offering a commuter ticket strengthens a positive employer image, as it is a valuable benefit for the employee and, thanks to its environmental friendliness, a real climate action.