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Turku region traffic

Contactless payment

Föli introduces contactless payment as a payment option, allowing passengers to pay for their trip with a debit or credit card. Welcome to experiencing the easiest mode of travelling in the world!

Föli is the first operator in Finland to introduce contactless payment in regional traffic. Föli will also become one of the internationally rare pioneers of using EMV contactless payment technology.

The option to use contactless payment makes travelling and using public transport in Turku and its neighbouring municipalities even easier than before. The aim is to lower the threshold for travelling by bus.

All previously used payment methods, such as cash, travel cards and mobile tickets, will continue to be accepted on all Föli lines.

Now you can conveniently pay your fare on all Föli buses and water buses using your bank or credit card’s or mobile device’s contactless payment feature.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices when paid with contactless payment

  • Single ticket adult (two-hour right to transfer) EUR 3
  • Single ticket adult (11 pm–4 am, two-hour right to transfer) EUR 4
  • One-day ticket EUR 8 (price cap)
  • Seven-day ticket EUR 26 (price cap)

You can also buy these tickets for people travelling with you, which the driver will print out as paper tickets:

  • Single ticket adult (two-hour right to transfer) EUR 3
  • Single ticket adult (11 pm–4 am, two-hour right to transfer) EUR 4
  • Single ticket child (two-hour right to transfer) EUR 1,5
  • Single ticket child (11 pm–4 am, two-hour right to transfer) EUR 2,5
  • Day ticket 8 €
  • Freight fee 6 €

On lines 413 and 901-903 it is not possible to pay with contactless payment.

Charges can be checked afterwards

The reader devices will never ask for PIN codes when using contactless payment. The charges and trips can be checked on Föli’s online shop under the My contactless payments section. A receipt can also be printed there.


How to use contactless payment on buses


  1. Scan your contactless debit or credit card or mobile device with the scanner of the bus. The scanner will beep and display the text “contactless payment confirmed”. You can now be seated, no ticket will be printed.
  2. The system will automatically calculate the lowest fare for you based on your previous trips.
  3. The fare will be charged from your bank account at the end of the day. The charged fare can be either the price of a single ticket, a one-day travel ticket or a seven-day travel ticket.


The normal price of single tickets with a two-hour right to transfer, EUR 3, will apply when purchased with contactless payment. However, the final price of the ticket is determined according to previous purchases and trips, providing you with the lowest fare possible. For example, if you purchase three single tickets in one day (normal price 3 x EUR 3 = EUR 9=), the ticket purchased with contactless payment becomes a one-day ticket (EUR 8).

Lowest fares with contactless payment

The system will calculate the lowest possible fare: if you travel by bus more than once during the two-hour transfer period of a single ticket, the price of a single ticket will be charged from your bank account at the end of the day.

A one-day ticket provides you with an unlimited number of trips in one day, whereas a seven-day ticket provides you with an unlimited number of trips in one week. Tickets are valid until 4 am.

You will never be asked to enter your PIN code when using contactless payment. The scanner will not print out a ticket. All trips and charged fees can be checked in the contactless payment section of the Föli online service. Receipts can also be printed out in the online service.

How to buy several tickets, a ticket for a child or any other type of a ticket using contactless payment?

  1. Tell the driver what kind of tickets and how many you want to buy.
  2. Wait until all the tickets that you are buying appear on the reader’s screen.
  3. Take your card or mobile phone to the reader. The tickets will be printed, and you can get them from the driver. If you are changing buses, show the QR code on the single ticket to the lower part of the card reader.

Note! The system does not calculate price ceilings for tickets paid for using contactless payment and that have been printed. Thus, price ceilings accrue only when a trip is paid as a normal contactless payment.

Contactless payment cards and devices

Tickets can be purchased with the contactless Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard payment cards issued by any bank and with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Pivo. Not all credit cards are accepted, including Diners Club and American Express. Remember to use the same payment card or mobile device on each trip to ensure that the system calculates the price accurately.

A single contactless payment card or mobile device can only be used to pay for the fares of a single person. This means that, for now, contactless payment cannot be used to pay for the fare of your child, for example. 


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Contactless payment is an attractive option to tourists visiting Turku

Contactless payment is a very useful feature for tourists visiting the Turku region and other people who travel by bus infrequently. In addition to regular bus lines, contactless payment will become available on the water buses operating from the banks of the Aura River to Ruissalo.
Contactless payment does not currently support discounted prices for groups such as students or senior citizens. Support for discount tickets is under development, however.

In addition to contactless payment, mobile tickets and travel cards are accepted.

Should I even consider acquiring a travel card when contactless payment is available?

Contactless payment cannot be used to purchase tickets valid for more than 7 days, so they cannot be used as season tickets.

However, discount tickets and 30-day tickets will be added to the system later on, which will make travel cards unnecessary.

The easiest bus trip in the world

1. Just hail the bus and hop aboard.

Heilauta kättä

2. Scan your contactless debit or credit card or mobile device with the scanner.

Maksa matka

3. Enjoy your trip!