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Turku region traffic

About Föli

What is Föli?

Turku region public transport Föli provides easily accessible and smooth public transport services in six municipalities. The Föli area includes Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto and Rusko. Föli organises and promotes public transport services in the area, plans timetables, sets ticket prices and handles the marketing and passenger communications for public transport. Föli procures the transport services from a company selected through competitive bidding.

In the southwestern dialect of Finnish, the phrase ‘ollaan fölissä’ means ‘being onboard.’


Did you know that the zoneless fixed price provided by Föli is the only one of its kind in Finland? In addition, we offer the longest right of transfer in the country for our single tickets: two hours.

Fölin aluekartta

Terms, conditions and policies

The terms and conditions of Turku Region Public Transport Föli are applied to the public transport trips and services provided by Föli. Customers using the public transport trips and services produced by Föli have the responsibility to familiarise themselves with these terms and conditions and act in accordance with them.

Vesibussikausi alkaa maanantaina 24.5.

For easier travel

We at Föli are developing public transport constantly because we want to make travel easy and smooth.

First-rate technical solutions

Föli uses identification-based payment, which makes it possible to include a Föli ticket in theatre tickets, for example. Thanks to GPS positioning, you can follow buses in real time. The fast Föli shop ensures that Föli card top-ups take effect immediately.

Customer-friendly services

Föli tickets are valid in the entire Föli area. You can reach the entire area with one ticket! Single tickets come with an exceptionally long right of transfer: two hours. In recent years, the transport services have also taken to the waves: the Föli water bus shuttles people from Aura River to Ruissalo between May and September.

We are continuing to work for easier and better public transport. We want to be the best in the world at what we do.



Career at Föli

Work for Föli

Föli employs roughly twenty public transport professionals. The vacancies are listed on the Kuntarekry service.

Become a driver for Föli

The Föli vehicles are driven by about 800 drivers employed by the various transport operators. You can enquire about vacancies directly from the operators.