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Turku region traffic

Hello and welcome!

Turku Region Traffic Föli offers easy-to-use and smooth public transport in six municipalities: Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Lieto, Naantali and Rusko. Föli buses can be recognised by their yellow colour. In addition to bus service, we offer water bus transport in the summer from the Aura River to Ruissalo and Hirvensalo. Föli is an excellent choice both for commuting and for random adventures toward the city or the peace of nature.



You can travel either on a single ticket or you can load the amount of money, i.e., value onto a travel card, or use it as a season ticket for 90 days, for example. The validity of a season ticket is flexible. For example, you may load the number of days that you want (10-365) onto the travel card.

The season ticket is suitable for regular travellers, the value card is better for those travelling less regularly, and the double card suits those who do not know in advance how often they will be travelling. Discounts for the prices of travel cards are granted to children and young people, students, seniors, and the disabled.

You can buy a travelcard at a service point and you can load it at service points or loading points, at a Föli shop, a ticket machine, or you can use the Föli app.

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Ready for your first Foli ride?

Check the timetables

Check the bus routes and timetables online at or load the Föli app onto your phone.

Go to the stop

Wave your hand to the bus and get on board.

Pay the trip

  • Use contactless payment
  • Use a Föli card, which you can buy at a Föli service point
  • Use coins
  • Use the Föli app.

Show your card or mobile ticket to the yellow reader in the front of the bus.


Familiarise yourself with Föli's real-time services

Föli offers many services to make travelling easier. These services provide useful information about routes and timetables.

Illustrated instructions for using Föli services

The aim of the instructions is to improve accessibility and enable more people to use public transportation. The instructions can be used when practising using Föli services, and they can continue to support passengers even after they have learned to use Föli services smoothly.

A ridiculously good choice

Annually, around 6 million kilometres are driven at Föli by quiet, zero-emission electric buses instead of diesel buses. Each year, 7,600 tons of CO2 emissions are averted.

Föli currently has a total of 70 electric buses. Föli will obtain even more electric buses in 2023, after which 83 buses will run on electricity, and about half of the kilometres will be electrified.



Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know when I travel by bus for the first time? In what areas are Föli travel cards and single tickets valid for transport? You can find answers to these and many other questions in Frequently Asked Questions. If you need further information on a subject or if you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our customer service.