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Fölläri bikes

Turku city bikes, also known as fölläri bikes, will be back 1.4.2023!

The new system is provided by Danish company Donkey Republic. There are 700 bikes and more than 100 bike stations, which means that the system is a considerable expansion from the previous one. The locations of the stations can be found in Föli's journey planner, City of Turku's service map and Donkey Republic's application. As before, the bikes are a part of Föli services.

The city bike season will begin on 1 April and end on 31 October.


What's new?

The price of using a fölläri bike depends on how long you use it. The right to use the bikes will also be included in Föli season tickets. The bikes are 3-speed bikes with handbrakes and aluminium frames. Users will open and close the electronic wheel lock with a smartphone app, which also displays information about the rental.

The new city bike system includes stations with physical racks as well as virtual stations. In the Turku city centre area, the station network is based on stations with racks, and outside the city centre, the stations do not necessarily have any physical structures. Instead, users can check the location of the stations from the app.

How to use fölläri bikes:

1. Download the Donkey Republic app on your phone and sign up

2. Find a fölläri bike with the app and open its Bluetooth lock

3. Enjoy your bike ride

4. Return the bike to a station and end the rental in the app

Donkey Republic's customer support

If you have any questions about city bikes or a problem you need help with, contact Donkey Republic customer service.

Tel:  +358 2 4885 8185, open on weekdays from 7am to 9pm and on weekends and holidays from 10am to 9pm.

Customer service can also be contacted through the Donkey Republic application

Price list

You own a Föli season ticket (minimum of 30 days)

  • Your season ticket includes the right to use the Föli bikes for one hour at a time. You can use the bikes for an hour without a separate charge. The price according to the additional time price list is charged for the time exceeding the free hour
  • Unfortunately the bikes cannot be used in other Donkey Republic cities with Föli's season ticket. You can check the city-specific price list on the Donkey Republic app

You do not own a Föli season ticket with a season of at least 30 days

  • One-time fee 2.00 euros/ 1 hour
  • Monthly fee EUR 6.00
  • The season fee until the end of October 2022 is 25 euros
  • Starting in 2023, the price for the cycling season, i.e. from the beginning of April to the end of October, is 35 euros
  • After purchasing any of the products mentioned above, you can drive the folläri bike for one hour with the basic fee, after which the additional time price list comes into effect
  • With a monthly and seasonal fee, you can also use the bikes in other cities where Donkey Republic bikes are available.

Additional time price list for everyone


The additional time price list comes into effect when the driver has driven for an hour.

  • 1 hour additional time costs EUR 2.00
  • An additional 4 hours costs EUR 5.00
  • The price for 1 day is 12 euros

A more detailed price list, which also shows the price list for several additional days, can be found in the Donkey Republic app.