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Föli app

Föli offers many services to make travelling easier. These services provide useful information about routes and timetables

You can find the best bits of Föli’s timetable services in the handy journey planner. Check out this blog post about the journey planner and its many features: Tips for using the Föli journey planner.

Föli’s journey planner helps you find the fastest route between two locations or the ticket machine closest to you. You can also use it to check the borders of the Föli area or follow your bus on the map. You can add your most commonly used destinations or lines to favourites. The journey planner estimates how long it will take you to walk to a bus stop or switch a bus. It also tells you the best stop for switching a line. Hence, you do not have to waste a lot of time on planning your journey. Adjusting the journey planner and its route settings to your personal needs is easy. For example, if the default walking speed is too fast for you, you can adjust the setting to find a route that matches your pace. Use the journey planner at

The Föli application is a handy travel companion. The application contains Föli’s journey planner and the most recent news and information about the Turku region public transport. You can use it to purchase mobile tickets for yourself or your friends, load your travel card or send feedback to us or the application support. You can also purchase a mobile season ticket (30-day season ticket) and have it always at hand on your phone. A mobile season ticket is valid from the purchase date onwards and you can use it to travel 24/7. Download the Föli application from Google Play or App Store.

You can also use Föli’s real-time services as a separate service.

Buses on the map is a service that allows you to follow buses in real time. All Föli buses have a GPS that transmits real-time information about their location. The location data is used to display buses on the map and estimate the buses’ time of arrival. You can select which lines are visible on the map. Start using the service here:

My stops is a service that contains stop-specific information. First, search for a bus stop. Then, you can see the number, destination and estimated arrival times of buses bypassing this bus stop. On the Pysäkkitulosteet tab, you can print out stop-specific timetables. After you have found the bus stop you were looking for, you can check the entire timetable for that bus stop. You can hide timetables that are not relevant to you. You can also use ‘My stops’ to see all the bus stops along a certain bus line. Go to the ‘Pysäkit linjoittain’ tab to search for a specific bus. Enter the line number or an end stop in the search bar. The service will display all the stops along the bus line and travel times starting from the end stop. Go to the service here:

Föli’s timetables are also available via third parties’ services. You can browse Föli’s timetables on e.g. Google Maps and through many third party applications that use Föli’s timetable data. If you are an application developer or otherwise interested in Föli’s data, check out our public interface:

Traditional PDF timetables are also still available. Under ‘Timetables and routes’, you can find bus-specific timetables as well as the entire timetable booklet. Physical timetable booklets are available at Föli’s service and loading points. A new timetable booklet is published twice a year, in spring and autumn.

If you need help using Föli’s timetable services or have any questions, our customer service is happy to help you via e.g. our chat or telephone service. You can find our customer service’s contact information under ‘Customer service’ at