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Turku region traffic

Föli for children

Travelling with Föli is easy for everyone, including children! 

Easy steps of taking the bus:

sarjakuva en

  1. Get to the stop well in advance and stand where the driver can see you clearly. Wave your arm until the bus comes to the stop. When it is dark, wave a reflector to help the driver see you. You can find one reflector at the back of your travel card case.
  2. Get on the bus, say hello to the driver and set your travel card on the bus reader to pay your fare. Take a seat. On the bus displays, you can see which stop the bus is going to next.
  3. When you want to get off the bus, press the red stop button. The stop light at the front of the bus comes on and you will also hear a sound that tells you the button has been pressed. Go to the middle or rear door of the bus and step out of the bus carefully. 




1. Which two colours are on Föli buses?

a. Brown and purple

b. Yellow and white

c. Pink and orange

2. Are you allowed to eat ice cream on a Föli bus? 

a. Yes, you are allowed to eat on the bus.

b. No, you are not allowed to eat on the bus so that the seats do not get dirty.

3. To get a children’s paper ticket from the driver, what should you give them? 

a. Candy

b. Stickers

c. Money

​​​​4. Can you bring a puppy on the bus?

a. Yes, pets are allowed on the bus if the driver thinks that it is safe. You do not have to buy a ticket for a pet. 

b. No, animals are not allowed on the bus. 

5. Who can you go visit with Föli?

a. The Moomins at Moominworld

b. Peppa Pig and her family

c. PAW Patrol in Adventure Bay

6. Which of these places can you visit with Föli?

a. Zoolandia

b. Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto

c. JukuPark

Click on the question boxes above to see the correct answers!

Four or more correct answers: congratulations, you’re a true Föli expert!

Three or fewer correct answers: you already know a lot, take the bus a few more times and you’ll be a real bus expert! 


Print out the Föli bingo card to fill in when you are taking the bus. How long will it take you to get a bingo?

Fun tip! Challenge your friends or parents to a bingo competition. The person to first fill in a whole row is the Föli bingo expert. The person who first fills in the entire bingo card is the Föli bingo master.


Föli for first-graders

Lessons on public transport for first-graders

For many years, Föli has organised school tours to encourage pupils in first grade to take the bus and to teach them how to act on the bus. The school tour is called Föli for first-graders.

The presentation includes conversations and a quiz on public transport. The classroom will be staged as a bus, so children get to take an imaginary bus journey during the presentation.

Have you seen Föli for first-graders yet?

Vesibussikausi alkaa maanantaina 24.5.

Useful information for adults about Föli for children

Children ride on the bus at a discount

Children under 15 get the single ticket at half price, which means that the ticket price for a child is 1.5 euros, with cash payment on the bus €2. Tickets can be bought on the bus with contactless payment, from a ticket machine with a payment card or from the Föli application.

Children will also use travel cards with discounted prices. With a value card, the daytime fare for children is 1.10 euros. With a season card, 30 days costs 27 euros.

Children under 7 travel free of charge with a paying passenger or a passenger with a child in a pram.

School card

School cards for school transport are granted by the pupil’s home municipality under certain conditions.

The card can be retrieved from a service point with the pupil’s personal identity code.

If the pupil is entitled to school transport the next school year as well, a new application is not necessary and the card is updated automatically.

Out and about with a pram

Adults pushing a child in a pram can take public transport in the Turku region free of charge. There is room for prams, buggies and wheelchairs next to the middle bus door, but make sure you are not blocking the aisle.

The child does not need to be in the pram when boarding and travelling aboard the bus. In this case, make sure that the child is sitting safely on a seat. Get off the bus together or let the child step out first. The driver may not be able to see a child left alone on the vehicle due to the angle of the mirrors.

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