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Something this good was worth waiting for – the fölläri bikes are now here! The new Fölläri bikes have much that is old and familiar – but there are some new features as well. In this blog we go through new features of the Fölläri bikes and the City of Turku, which make the Föllari bike system easier to use.

The old and familiar Föli journey planner and the Föli app

You can see the Fölläri bikes in numerous places on the map. They can be found, as before, in the Föli journey planner and app. When you open the Föli journey planner or the map in the Föli app, you can find “The closest city bike stations” under the heading “Timetables and routes”. If you have allowed the use of your location information, the app will show you the nearest Fölläri bike stations and the number of bikes at the station. You can also see the locations of the Fölläri bike stations and the number of bicycles available by zooming the map. To find

Föli's route planner can be found here: and you can read more about the Föli app from the Föli app page.

Locating and renting bikes with the Donkey Republic app

The Donkey Republic application lets you see where city bikes are available, and you can use it to rent and return the bikes. The app also shows you the name of each individual bike. The names of the Fölläri bikes were given by Turku area residents. We collected proposals for names for the bikes and got a dazzling 4,400 of them. We gave each bike a unique name.

When you open the Donkey Republic app, a map will immediately appear in front of you showing the stations closest to your location. The stations are shown on the app as yellow circles with the bikes available at the station shown in white numbers. When you touch a yellow circle, a list opens up revealing the names of the available bikes. You can rent a bike by touching its name. More detailed instructions for renting a bike can be found on our FAQ page. 

Donkey Republic app is available on Google Play and App Store. 

Find interesting routes on the City of Turku Service Map

Another somewhat new feature is the City of Turku Service Map, which shows the locations of the Fölläri bikes, as well as interesting routes where you can have an adventure. The Service Map can be found here: . Click on “Mobility Map” on the left side of the map and after that, select “Cycling”. A menu will open where you can select what information to search for on the map. By selecting the “City bike stations” option you will see where available Fölläri bikes are located. The map also shows how many bikes each station has at that time.

You can see the bicycle routes by clicking on “Bicycle routes”. From the list that pops up you can select which route you want to see. For example, Regional trail 1 is 12 kilometres long and goes from the centre of Turku to Ruissalo. It is an excellent route for Fölläri cycling, because Fölläri stations are located at both ends of the trail. If you would like another station to be set up on another bicycle route or end point in the Turku region, you can send your wishes to us through the City of Turku Feedback Service.

Read more about the Fölläri bikes on the Fölläri bikes page.