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Turku region traffic


So park up your car and catch a bus with Föli! Park-and-ride arrangements provide the opportunity to leave your bicycle or car parked safely and hop on a bus to continue your journey. The Föli area boasts many park-and-ride sites for bicycles and some for cars.

Park-and-ride parking is free and intended for those using public transport for connections.

For bicycles

Park-and-ride sites for bicycles are available in Turku, Kaarina, Lieto, Naantali and Raisio.

For cars

For now, park-and-ride sites are only available in Lieto.

Where would you like to have a park-and-ride site?

We are cooperating with the municipalities in the Föli area to increase the number of park-and-ride sites. You can submit location requests through our feedback service.