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Turku region traffic

Föli is easy climate action

Choose public transport to easily reduce your carbon footprint. 

Transport is a major source of greenhouse gases causing global warming: it produces about a fifth of all the carbon dioxide emissions in Finland – and this percentage is even slightly higher in Turku. Still, you can easily reduce your personal carbon footprint by choosing Föli instead of driving. 

Public transport is an inherently climate-friendly means of transport and an environmentally friendly choice. Fewer emissions are generated when several people ride in one vehicle.

Föli is also constantly increasing the number of low-emission electric buses in traffic. Currently, the Föli fleet includes 70 electric buses driving about 6 million kilometres per year. These electric buses save about 7600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Convenient and climate-friendly

We want to make climate-friendly transport as easy as possible. That is why we have introduced features such as contactless payment in our buses. When you download the Föli app on your phone, you can instantly find the most convenient bus lines as well as routes and instructions and an option to buy a ticket on your phone. Employers can also offer Föli travel cards as an employee benefit to encourage climate-friendly commuting.