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Turku region traffic

Line 100 to events at Turku Fair Centre and Gatorade Center

Line 100 runs from the Turku city centre to Turku Fair Centre and Gatorade Center for public events as needed. Each event will have its own timetable. A general timetable has been prepared for Liiga ice hockey games at Gatorade Center. This timetable will remain valid for the entire season, unless otherwise indicated on this page.

Line 100 is part of Föli’s normal transport services, which means that all Föli ticket products are valid for it.

The line’s departure stop at the city centre is T87 on Linnankatu. The trip from the city centre takes just under 20 minutes.

Other links to the area: Lines 32 and 99 to Turku Fair Centre, lines 12, 32, 61 and 99 to Gatorade Center.

Check the timetables from the journey planner.


Line 100 to the TPS home games

Line 100 runs every 10 min from the central Turku to Turku Hall, beginning 1 hour 20 minutes before the game starts. The last bus leaves 20 minutes prior to the start of the game.

Return buses from Turku Hall will run up to 45 minutes after the end of the game.

HC TPS season tickets include Föli ticket, which is valid for three hours before and two hours after the match.

Line 100’s route

From the city centre to Turku Fair Centre/Gatorade Center: CITY CENTRE T87 – Linnankatu – Koulukatu – Ratapihankatu – Tukholmankatu - Ruissalontie – Vaasantie – Pansiontie – Länsikaari – Messukatu – Kirjaltajankatu – TURKU FAIR CENTRE/GATORADE CENTER

From Turku Fair Centre/Gatorade Center to the city centre: TURKU FAIR CENTRE/GATORADE CENTER – Kirjaltajankatu – Messukatu – Länsikaari – Pansiontie – Ruissalontie – Tukholmankatu – Ratapihankatu (Railway Station) – Humalistonkatu – Eerikinkatu – Aurakatu – CITY CENTRE T2

Line 32 runs closest to Turku Fair Centre and Gatorade Center from the railway station. Back towards the city centre, line 100 also runs past the railway station.

Single tickets can be purchased with cash from the driver or conveniently through the Föli application. Single tickets remain valid for two hours in the entire Föli area and cost €3 for adults and €1.5 for children under 15.