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How to load your travel card online

You can use the Fölishop to check your travel card loading status, balance or validity. You can load your card super quickly even without registering! Your loading is transferred to the card immediately, meaning that you can step onto a bus directly after loading your card. However, we recommend loading your card well in advance: you can load your card even if you still have remaining validity or balance on it. The new term starts when the card is first used following the end of the current term, and you will not lose any days of your current term.

Register as a user – or use the service without registering!

You can register as a user by clicking the ‘Register’ link on the front page. You can use the e-mail address and the password you selected to log in to the Föli shop in the future.

As a registered user, you can save your own travel cards in the service. Saved travel cards are always available for loading, and you do not need to enter the card number separately every time you want to load it.

You can update your information and add or remove saved cards on the ‘Profile’ page. You cannot, however, change your user ID. Remember to always save any changes!

Saving your travel cards

You can save your card onto your profile by providing the card number in the ‘New card’ field and clicking ‘Add card’. The travel card number is a series of digits on the back of the card. It can look like this, for example: 92461011160003217623. The card number is also displayed on purchase and loading receipts provided by our service points.

Once you have added your card, you can name it. This will help you load the right card, if your family has several travel cards!

You can remove any card from the profile by clicking the X next to the card.


When you are logged in, you will be able to view the cards attached to your profile. If you wish to load a different card, but not attach that card to your profile, you can add the card to the ongoing session only. This is done similarly to adding a card to your profile. If you are logged in to the system as a guest, you will always need to add cards session-specifically.

You can add the card product of your choice to your shopping basket by clicking the ‘Shopping basket’ link. When you click the link, the card product will generate a new row in the basket. At this time, the price of the product and the total price of the basket will be displayed. Before selecting the payment method you can navigate the other pages of the Föli shop, and the products in your shopping basket will remain there.

You can edit the content of the basket until you choose the payment method. Once you have selected the payment method, the content of the shopping basket can only be changed by cancelling the transaction.

Activating ongoing subscription

  1. Log in to Föli Shop with your account at
  2. Go to the menu on the top right corner of Föli Shop and click “Profile”. Enter your e-mail address in your profile and add the number of your travel card to the “My cards” section. After this, a button that says “Activate” will be displayed next to your flexible season tickets in the “My cards” section.
  3. Click the activation button next to a travel card and confirm your payment card with your online banking credentials. Follow the instructions provided by your bank. Föli will not charge your card when activating ongoing subscription, but your bank may place a pending transaction, which will disappear in a few business days. After confirmation, wait for the website to return to Föli Shop.
  4. Ongoing subscription is activated when a “Cancel” button is displayed next to your travel card. The “Profile” page will also display the payment information and information on when the payment expires. You can add the same payment method for more than one flexible season ticket, if necessary.

Cancelling ongoing subscription

  1. Log in to Föli Shop with your account at

  2. Select “Menu” on the top right corner of Föli Shop and click “Profile”. 

  3. Select the card the ongoing subscription of which you want to cancel. Click the “Cancel” button next to card information. Accept the cancellation of ongoing subscription.

Identificate as a student through Haka!

Register as a user of the Föli shop– unless you already have a user account – and log in. 

Once you have logged in, you will be able to access the Haka identification system in the profile tab to see whether you are eligible for a student discount.

After successful identification, you can top up your travel card for the normal discount price. The discount will be available until the end of the term, i.e. 30 September.