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Local travel in Raisio


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The park is at its best when the hundreds of rhododendrons are in bloom, from late May to mid-June.
Bus lines: 6, 7, 206
Nearest stop: Kirkko

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Hauninen Reservoir 

Hauninen Reservoir is an artificial lake built in 1973 with a walking path circling the shore. Along the path, you can find two lean-tos and even a full-size disc golf course.
Bus lines: 220, 221, 300
Nearest stop: Kauppakeskus Mylly

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Along the Vaskipolku Trail, you can see sights from the late Iron Age. The trail runs along the banks of Raisio River in the Ihala and Huhko areas.
Bus lines: 6, 7
Nearest stop: Huhko

Read more about Vaskipolku (in Finnish).



Raisionlahti Bay is one of the most significant resting and feeding spots for migrant birds in Southwest Finland. The four-kilometre-long Uikkupolku Trail circles the Raisionlahti Nature Reserve along the coastal meadows. There is also a birdwatching tower along the trail.
Bus line: 206
Nearest stop: Kaanaan koulu

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The Kullaa Trail is the most urban route of the Kuhankuono trails: one of the starting points is at the Kerttula sports centre in the town of Raisio. Nevertheless, many parts along the way remain in a natural state, especially in the Kullavuori nature reserve. The Kullaa Trail offers a diverse range of landscapes, including river views and beautiful farm scenery. 
Bus line: 300, K2, 6, 7 and 7A
Nearest stops: Kerttula school (300, R2), Varppee (6, 7, 7A)
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