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Local travel in Lieto


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Kuoviluoto Nature Reserve is a nearly four-hectare protected area on the shores of Lake Littoistenjärvi. The oldest pines in Kuoviluoto are almost 200 years old, and even the oldest spruces are over 150 years old.
Bus lines: 2B, 2C
Nearest stop: Verkatehdas

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The cloth factory, verkatehdas, in Littoinen was founded in 1823 as one of the first industrial plants in Finland. The area is classified as an environment of significant cultural and historical value.
Bus lines: 2B, 2C
Nearest stop: Verkatehdas

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The beautiful Nautelankoski Rapids, along with their shores, are a protected nature reserve. You can experience the area on the nature trails on both sides of the river.
Bus line: 402
Nearest stop: Nautelankoski

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Old Castle of Lieto 

The Old Castle of Lieto is one of the most notable prehistoric castles in Finland. Its steep rocky hill rises 55 metres above sea level. At the foot of the hill, you can enjoy the lovely manor grounds.
Bus line: 6
Nearest stop: Vanhalinna

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