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Local travel in Kaarina


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Järvelä wetlands 

This fine birdwatching spot is located on the border of the towns of Kaarina and Lieto, north of Lake Littoistenjärvi. The wetlands are a nesting place for many bird species that you can observe from the birdwatching tower, among other places.
Bus lines: 2B, 2C
Nearest stop: Ukonkatu

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In the historical Tuorla area, you can enjoy the sights of the beautiful manor and its garden. The centuries-old King’s Road from Stockholm to Vyborg passes the Manor. You can also visit the Tuorla Observatory during events such as open days.
Bus lines: 700–707
Nearest stop: Tuorla I

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In Vaarniemi Nature Reserve, you can admire the old oaks and the views stretching all the way to Turku when you climb into the Vaarniemi lookout tower on top of a tall rock. From Vaarniemi, you can continue your journey to Rauvolanlahti Bay or Katariinanlaakso Valley.
Bus lines: 7, 221
Nearest stop: Rauvolantie

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Huttala castle hills 

Huttala castle hills are steep and 74 metres high. They have been used on two occasions: in pre-Roman times in 500 BCE–0 and at the end of the Iron Age in the 11th and 12th centuries.
Bus lines: 702–706
Nearest stop: Lystilä I

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Kuusisto Castle ruins 

The medieval bishop’s castle of Kuusisto on the coast by Piikkiönlahti Bay was built as a safe haven for Catholic bishops in Finland. The castle was in use from the end of the 13th century until 1528.
Bus line: K2
Nearest stop: Kuusiston kartano

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Lake Littoistenjärvi 

Lake Littoistenjärvi, at the border of Kaarina and Lieto, is a popular nature destination. Winding nature trails circle the lake, and it also has a beach. The area also includes birdwatching towers with a view of the Järvelä wetlands, known for its diverse bird population. From the beach, you can see the old textile factory on the opposite shore.

Bus lines: 2B, 2C

Nearest stop: Littoistenjärvi