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Turku region traffic

Föli’s service to Kuhankuono in Kurjenrahka National Park


Some of the departures of Föli lines 21 and 23 will run to Kurjenrahka National Park in Kuhankuono.

Föli buses also run to Kuhankuono on Saturdays and holidays 24 April–29 October, 2023, and also on weekdays 5 June–6 August, 2023. The national park can be accessed with all Föli travel cards and other ticket products.



Lines 21 and 23 depart from Linnankatu (bus stop E3 Market Square) in Turku. The final stop in Kuhankuono is by the gate of the national park (the name of the stop is ‘8850 Kuhankuonon P-alue’). The travel time is approximately an hour.

Not all line 21 and 23 buses run to the national park. The normal final stop is located in Tortinmäki. The lines continuing to Kuhankuono will operate from the final stop on Säkyläntie and along Turunväylä to the national park’s gate. If needed, the Kuhankuono lines will also stop at the bus stops between Tortinmäki and Kuhankuono.

Visitors can have a look at the hiking trails of Kuhankuono in advance on the Kuhankuono website. You can use all types of Föli tickets on the Kuhankuono route.



The weekend lines to Kuhankuono run once an hour with the exception of the first buses of the morning and last buses of the evening. The last departure from Kuhankuono is after 7 pm. On weekdays, the lines will operate both ways every two hours six times a day.



Hiking trails

  • Karpalopolku Trail 2 km
  • Savojärven kierros trail 6 km
  • Pukkipalo trail 9 km
  • Haukkavuori Route 11 km
  • On Vajosuo Mire 30 km

Services in Kuhankuono

  • Rantapiha kiosk by Lake Savojärvi. The kiosk sells sausages (for grilling), pastries, ice cream and beverages. The kiosk can also be requested to be open at a specific time by calling 050 0935 960.
  • Toivolan Kievari café

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