You can now pay with ePassi at the Föli Service Office

20.10.2017 07:58

You can now pay with ePassi at the Föli Service Office

From this day on, you can pay with ePassi, an electronic commuter voucher for mobile phones, for loading your travel card at the Föli Service Office. In addition to ePassi, we also accept the following electronic commuter vouchers: Eazybreak, Smartum and Edenred. The advantage of electronic commuter vouchers is that they are easy to use for both the employer and the employee. Depending on the service provider, the electronic commuter voucher can be used on a mobile phone or a separate payment card. Conventional paper vouchers are available as well. Employers buy the vouchers from Föli and distribute them to their employees, who in turn can use them to pay for loading their travel cards.

Commuter vouchers increase employers’ attractiveness

Commuter vouchers enable employers to promote easy and environmentally friendly work commutes for their personnel. Such environmental responsibility also improves businesses’ image and attractiveness as employers. Favouring public transportation over private cars decreases pollution and car-related costs. Employees’ everyday life becomes easier when they can commute to work conveniently by bus and do not have to worry about finding a parking spot.

The use of public transportation also increases the amount of everyday physical activity. Employees walk more almost without realising it, improving their health and wellbeing.

Commuter vouchers can be used to load a season ticket, a value card or a Tupla card. Thus, the commuter voucher benefit is attractive to occasional users of public transport as well, as the vouchers can be used to load value cards.

Put commuter vouchers to use!

You can order conventional paper commuter vouchers from Föli, read more. For electronic commuter vouchers, you can contact the companies providing Föli’s electronic commuter vouchers, i.e. Eazybreak, Smartum, Edenred or ePassi.