We recommend using a face mask

07.08.2020 12:59

We recommend using a face mask

The start of school will increase the number of passengers on Föli’s buses, and although the timetables will be more frequent from 10 August onwards, it may not be possible to maintain a safe distance from others, especially during peak hours. We recommend all passengers to use face masks after the start of school from 12 August onwards. When possible, travel should be scheduled outside of peak hours. We recommend that you avoid using cash and use a mobile ticket or load your travel card e.g. in the online loading service.

The City of Turku reminds everyone of their responsibility when the coronavirus situation deteriorates

The City of Turku wishes to remind everyone of their responsibility in mitigating the consequences of the second wave of the coronavirus. It is important that we remember to continue the effective practices we started so well in the spring to fight the coronavirus: remember to maintain safe distances, take care of good hand hygiene and cough the right way into your sleeve. You must not go to work, school or day care when you are ill. Everyone must also voluntarily quarantine themselves if they come to Finland from high-risk countries.