Trunk line network 2025

Föli is designing a trunk line network renewal for 2025. The new network is based on traffic-heavy bus lines that allow passengers to go to the stop, even without checking the timetable. The renewal aims to improve the accessibility of the Föli area and the ease of travel by increasing transverse connections, improving the accessibility of the entire region and reducing the interval between buses. You can follow the progress of the line network design on this page. 

How can I explore the network?

The map can be viewed with the regular web browsers. 


You can move the map with the cursor of your mouse and change the scale by pressing (+/-). The bus stops will appear once you have zoomed in enough or some line has been activated with a click.


Detailed information about each line can be viewed by clicking on the line on the map or by selecting it from the menu. The information includes the planned interval for the line at different times of the day. However, the actual timetables will be planned later.


Once a line is selected, its stops appear on the map as white dots. 


You can hide and view lines by clicking on the eye in the menu.


Leave your comments by clicking on “Add comment” at the top of the page. You can leave your comments without being registered. The comments are only viewed by the Föli planning team and they will be utilised in the planning.

Line network map

>> Trunk line network:

The map includes the trunk lines (line numbers 1–10), feeder lines (L71–L96), complementary lines T2–T220, service lines (V1–V6) and those regional lines and school bus lines that are planned to remain unchanged (current lines 52–903). The trunk lines will appear on the map when you open it. Other lines can be activated by clicking on the eye.

Why a trunk line network?

The purpose of the renewal is to make everyday transport easier and faster for people in the Turku region. The network and the hierarchy between lines are clarified and the lines are planned to better meet the needs of people. The new circular trunk line offers a multitude of new, fast and simple travel alternatives, while retaining the current functional connections. The new network and service hours will meet the ever-changing need for transport better than the current network.


The trunk lines allow for easy, flexible and fast access to the core of the region. For people living within the service area of the network, it offers an opportunity to arrange their transportation based almost entirely on public transport.