Traffic to Kuhankuono to start on 25 April

04.06.2020 09:31

Traffic to Kuhankuono to start on 25 April

Föli lines to Kuhankuono in Kurjenrahka national park will start operating on 25 April. The majority of the departures of lines 21 and 23 will continue to the national park’s gate until 1 November. 

Weekend departures to Kuhankuono will operate every hour, except for the first departures of the morning. The last departure from Kuhankuono is after 7pm. The travel time is approximately an hour.

Weekday operations will begin on 1 June. Some of the weekday departures will operate to Kuhankuono from the beginning of June to 9 August, the weekend before the school year starts. On weekdays, the lines will operate both ways every two hours six times a day. It is advisable to view the timetables from the journey planner.

With the price of a Föli ticket, you can travel all the way to the gate of the national park that spreads out over several municipalities. The lines can be used with all Föli travel cards and other ticket products. Please note that tickets cannot be bought on the bus for the time being due to the coronavirus situation. 

The traffic is regular, and the operating season has been extended

Föli has now operated to Kuhankuono for two summers. Now, the operating season has been extended at the request of autumn hikers. This year, the lines stop operating on 1 November.

The terminus of lines 21 and 23 will be located at Tortinmäki. The lines continuing to Kuhankuono will operate from Tortinmäki via Säkyläntie and Turunväylä to the national park’s gate. If needed, the lines will also stop at the bus stops between Tortinmäki and Kuhankuono. The lines will depart from Puutori (bus stop PT5 Puutori) in Turku.

Visitors can have a look at the national park in advance on the Kuhankuono website

The operation will be carried out together with Pöytyä.

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