On this page you can find the timetables for regional lines, the inner lines of Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali and Lieto, as well night buses, commute lines, school lines and service lines. The timetables listed here are the same as the ones found in the timetable booklet distributed to households and companies. Possible exceptions to timetables are announced separately in the News section and not reflected in the timetables listed below. 


Winter timetables, 23.9.2019 - 19.4.2020


Regional traffic


Inner lines in Turku

Nightlines in Turku

Commute lines in Turku

School bus lines in Turku

Service lines in Turku

The service lines are a part of normal public transport. On the contrary to other lines, the buses can make a stop outside the normal stop areas. The buses in the service lines are equipped with low floors and wide doors.


Inner lines in Kaarina

Inner lines in Raisio


Inner lines in Naantali


Inner lines in Lieto


Inner lines in Rusko


Regional transport outside the Föli region