Demand responsive transport

Demand responsive transport

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) is a form of public transport which is open to all and in which the bus routes are based on the needs of customers, instead of operating on fixed routes. The customer places a call directly to the phone number of a specific DRT bus and arranges the transport with the driver. The driver then decides the route. DRT capacity is limited, so if many requests are placed, it is possible that the bus will not have the time to fulfil all the requests.

You can find the timetables and numbers of DRT buses in each bus line’s timetable. DRT is operated with low-floor minibuses (with the exception of lines N6 and N11), which are easy to board and which can also fit into the yard of an apartment building, for example.

DRT buses operate on the following lines and in the following areas:


  • K2 Within the city of Kaarina, within the area indicated on the map



  • The demand responsive traffic in Lieto is renewed starting on 24 April 2017 by dividing the municipality into several demand areas, each of which will have transport on certain days of the week. Line L8 will run in the Pettinen, Raukkala, Saukonoja, Pyhältö, Yliskulma, Mahlio, and Kilpiö areas on Tuesdays. Line L9 will run in the Ilmarinen, Rauhakylä, Vintala, Kaurinkoski, Asemanseutu, Sikilä, Päivästö, and Arosuo areas on Mondays. Line L10 will run in the Littoinen, Vanhalinna, Loukinainen, Sillilä, Vierunpuisto, Suopohja, Ketola, and Kärpijoki areas on Thursdays. Line L11 will run in the Tarvasjoki and Liedonperä areas on Wednesdays and Fridays. These demand responsive lines will run between the afore-mentioned areas and the centre of Lieto.
  • PDF iconDemand Responsive Transport within the municipality of Lieto, summer
  • PDF iconDRT area on a map (from 24.4.2017)



  • N1 In the Kanta-Naantali area
  • N7 In the Luonnonmaa area, also travelling to the centre of Naantali
  • N11 In the area of the former municipality of Rymättylä


Upon request, the buses of the following lines can also make short detours along their routes, up to a few hundred metres, within the limits of their timetables.

  • K5 In Piikkiö
  • N6 In Velkua, Livonsaari and Merimasku
    • The buses of these lines can only make short detours along their routes when requested, up to a few hundred metres, within the limits of their timetables.
    • These lines operate on fixed routes according to timetables, so a specific time cannot be arranged.