Summer timetable period starts on Monday 23 April

04.05.2018 08:12

Summer timetable period starts on Monday 23 April

Föli’s summer timetable period starts on Monday 23 April 2018. The major changes are:

  • The last departure of line 6 from the Market Square on Friday and Saturday nights at 1:30am will continue from Lieto centre to Ilmarinen. The route is: current route–Nuolemontie–Yrjönniityntie–Tanhutie–Teijulantie–Vintalantie–Tammentaantie–Eläintarhantie–Tammentaantie–Vanha Tampereentie–Ilmarinen (stop 5070). See the route.
  • The end stop of line 8 in Turku city centre will be moved to Puutori (PT1 Puutori). The line’s route will also change. The line will run to Ruissalo from now on via Maariankatu–Brahenkatu–Ratapihankatu–current route. The route from Ruissalo will be the same in reverse, but to Puutori via Sibeliuksenkatu.
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  • The stop for lines 300–303 on Yliopistonkatu will be decommissioned. The lines’ end stop will move to Puutori, where they will arrive via Aninkaistenkatu–Maariankatu. Departing from Puutori, the lines will use the route Sibeliuksenkatu–Brahenkatu–Läntinen Pitkäkatu–Kuljettajankatu–Ratapihankatu–Verkatehtaankatu–Aninkaistensilta. Line 300 leaves from the stop PT2 Puutori and lines 301-303 from the stop PT4 Puutori.
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  • Bus stops at Puutori on a map:

  • Lines R1 and R2 will continue to operate even during the school summer break.


  • During the summer holiday season, from 4 June to 12 August, some departures on lines 21 and 23 will continue to Kurjenrahka National Park in Kuhankuono. There will be five return departures to Kuhankuono on weekdays and ten return departures on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. The departures will continue to Kuhankuono from Tortinmäki via Säkyläntie. The Kuhankuono end stop is located along Säkyläntie, at the national park’s gate. This change is a trial, the possible continuation of which will be decided after the summer. Read more.
  • The terminus arrangements in Naantali centre will change in June, likely starting from 1 June. The end stops of lines 6, 7, 201, 203, N1-N7 and N13 will move to Aurinkotie. 
  • Night line 89 (Halinen–Ylioppilaskylä–Kauppatori–Ilpoinen) will operate on Wednesday-Thursday and Thursday-Friday nights from 20 August to 23 September.