Public transportation is being revamped towards the ‘Mobility as a Service’ concept. New solutions to streamline the travel chains for different modes of transportation are constantly being developed, both in the Turku region and elsewhere in Finland and abroad.

In collaboration with a number of operators, Föli provides both private individuals and companies with a range of applications and packages that make travelling easier. Ride with Föli!

Civitas Eccentric

Turku aims to become a carbon-neutral city by 2040, and smart mobility is a key part of this objective. In 2040, mobility will primarily mean walking, cycling, electric public transport and shared use of vehicles. All of these will be developed in CIVITAS ECCENTRIC (2016–2020), an international EU-funded project that was launched at the beginning of September 2016. The project’s functions also support the city’s strategic aims for an attractive Turku.

Föli for businesses

Employer-subsidised transport tickets are a form of benefit from the employer to the employee to support a smooth and environmentally friendly way of commuting. It enhances occupational wellbeing and health and reduces the costs arising from commuting. Föli also offers other ways for businesses to make the use of public transport easier for their employees.

Föli + taxi = Fölix

Fölix combines the flexibility of a taxi with the affordability of Föli’s rates.

You may call a taxi to your home door, from which it will take you to a Föli bus stop, or call a taxi to a bus stop for a ride home. The Fölix service is available in the Raisio region.


Tuup is a smart application that allows you to plan a route, compare the various mobility options and, at a later stage, pay for different mobility services, easily and safely.


TripGo is a new kind of route planner application that provides route alternatives, combining public transportation, bicycle and taxi, for example. The application can also be used for conveniently purchasing Föli tickets.


The Föli travel card also serves as a loyal customer card! Authenticate as a Kliento user and enjoy the benefits.

The Föli mobile application

The application can be used to buy single tickets, travel cards, and TurkuCards, all of which are valid in the entire Föli region. The application also offers combination tickets, which include the entrance to an event as well as the bus tickets, and it can be used to load value cards or season tickets.

Valmet Automotive commuting

Take Föli to the stop and to work in Uusikaupunki! Valmet Automotive, the City of Turku, and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland cooperate in organising commuter lines between Turku and Uusikaupunki. The departures have been organised based on the work shifts at Valmet Automotive. Föli tickets are not valid in the commuter departures.