Travel Cards

Travel Cards

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General information about travel cards:

  • Purchase of a bus pass € 5,00 (VAT 10 %)
  • Protective case for the pass € 1,00 (VAT 24 %)
  • The price of tickets includes VAT at 10 %
  • Once issued, bus passes are not redeemed by the operator.
  • The pass is replaced free of charge if it fails to function due to a technical fault within three years of purchase.
  • When travelling using a personal card, proof of identity must be provided. In instances of misuse, drivers and ticket inspectors have the right to take possession of the card. A confiscated card can be picked up after two weeks from the Föli Service Office (Aurakatu 5, Turku) for a handling fee of 7 euros.
  • Rewards will not be paid for the return of lost cards.
  • Balances and products loaded onto a lost travel card can be transferred to a new travel card. The basic travel card itself costs 5 euros, and a 7 euro processing fee is charged for transferring balances.


Value cards, 2 hour right of transfer

  • Best suited for those who travel by bus sporadically.
  • The value card is loaded with a specific sum from €10 upwards.
  • Normal fare for adults: €2.20.

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Season tickets

  • Best suited for those who often travel by bus.
  • Adults 30 days - Normal €55 / Online €52
  • Adults 90 days - Normal €148 / Online €138
  • Adults 180 days - Normal €275 / Online €275

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Tupla card

  • The Tupla card is suitable for those whose amount of travel by bus varies over time.
  • The features of a value card + the price of a season ticket = double benefits

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Special Passes

  • Special passes are continuously valid travel cards that are based on a written agreement between the customer and the public transport service office.
  • Complimentary passes for war veterans, the war disabled, and the working disabled can only be loaded at the public transport service office in Turku (Aurakatu 5).


Parallel card for a regional ticket

Turku region regional tickets are used in public transport to Parainen, Paimio, Sauvo, Masku, Mynämäki, Nousiainen and Aura. The regional tickets are sold by Matkahuolto. If you transfer to another bus within the Föli region, you must have a parallel card alongside your regional ticket in order to travel within the Föli region without an extra fee. The purchase fee for the parallel card is 5 euros, but after that the monthly updating of the card is free of charge. 

The parallel card can be bought and updated at Föli service points and the Matkahuolto service point at the Turku Bus Station. The card cannot be updated at loading points or on buses. When updating the card, you must always have both the regional ticket and its loading receipt with you.

The Föli operation area includes Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto and Rusko. The area is outlined by the municipal boundaries. Föli tickets can also be used in many of the lines that run beyond the area (for example 700-709, 801), but they are valid only in the area of the aforementioned six municipalities. For example, if the journey continues to Parainen on line 801 and the passenger does not have a parallel card for a regional ticket, it is not possible to pay for a part of the journey with the Föli ticket. Instead, the passenger must buy a separate ticket to Parainen from the driver. Information on prices and routes outside the Föli area is available on Matkahuolto and TLO websites, for example.