Travel Cards

Travel Cards

Ticket prices (pdf)

General information about travel cards:

  • Purchase of a bus pass € 5,00 (VAT 10 %)
  • Protective case for the pass € 1,00 (VAT 24 %)
  • The price of tickets includes VAT at 10 %
  • Once issued, bus passes are not redeemed by the operator.
  • The pass is replaced free of charge if it fails to function due to a technical fault within three years of purchase.
  • When travelling using a personal card, proof of identity must be provided. In instances of misuse, drivers and ticket inspectors have the right to take possession of the card. A confiscated card can be picked up after two weeks from the Föli Service Office (Aurakatu 5, Turku) for a handling fee of 7 euros.
  • Rewards will not be paid for the return of lost cards.
  • Balances and products loaded onto a lost travel card can be transferred to a new travel card. The basic travel card itself costs 5 euros, and a 7 euro processing fee is charged for transferring balances.


Value cards, 2 hour right of transfer

  • Best suited for those who travel by bus sporadically.
  • The value card is loaded with a specific sum from €10 upwards.
  • Normal fare for adults: €2.20.

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Season tickets

  • Best suited for those who often travel by bus.
  • Adults 30 days - Normal €52 / Online €49
  • Adults 90 days - Normal €140 / Online €130
  • Adults 180 days - Normal €260 / Online €260

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Tupla card

  • The Tupla card is suitable for those whose amount of travel by bus varies over time.
  • The features of a value card + the price of a season ticket = double benefits

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Special Passes

  • Special passes are continuously valid travel cards that are based on a written agreement between the customer and the public transport service office.
  • Complimentary passes for war veterans, the war disabled, and the working disabled can only be loaded at the public transport service office in Turku (Aurakatu 5).