Other fees

Other fees

  • Protective card cover 1 €

(incl. 24 % VAT)


Bicycles can be taken on buses at the driver’s discretion. A six euro transportation fee is charged for bicycles. Foldable bicycles can be transported free of charge, when folded.

Freight rate 6 € 

A freight rate will be charged, when a customer brings freight to a bus driver and pays in cash for the package. The package will be left at the desired final terminal station or bus stop. The transportation fee is € 6.00 (incl. VAT 24%). An adult single ticket fee (€ 3.00) is charged for cargo managed by a passenger.

All goods that cannot be considered to be personal luggage are considered cargo. No fee is collected for the transportation of skis. The transportation of dangerous substances (flammable liquids, gas cylinders, etc.) in passenger compartments is prohibited.


No fee is collected for dogs or cats. Dogs and cats are allowed in a bus at the driver’s discretion, considering the passengers who already are in the bus.

Prams and pushchairs

There is no charge for a person travelling with a baby or a child in a pram or pushchair.

Only a limited number of pushchairs can fit in the vehicles. The child need not sit in the pushchair during the trip. The adult must take care of the child and the pushchair for the duration of the journey. The wheels of the pushchair must be locked, and if the child sits in the pushchair, the adult must stay next to the pushchair and make sure it stays in place.

When traveling with an empty pushchair, the journey is subject to the normal ticket price. No fee is charged for the pushchair itself.


There is no charge for a person travelling in a wheelchair or for a host accompanying a person in a wheelchair.


Passengers traveling with a walker can travel free of charge on weekdays between 9:00 and 12:59. This accessibility trial will run until further notice.