For people with disabilities

For people with disabilities

People with disabilities receive a discount on the prices of value cards and season tickets. Disability value cards and season tickets are issued to disabled travellers and travellers entitled to be accompanied by a carer who are domiciled or live in Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto or Rusko, subject to a doctor’s certificate. The driver is able to see from the ticket machine whether the traveller is entitled to be accompanied by a carer.

Complimentary passes are issued to working disabled individuals who have a minimum of 60% degree of disability and who are domiciled in Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto or Rusko.

These complimentary passes are continuously valid and based on a written agreement between the customer and the Public Transport Service Office. Complimentary passes for working disabled individuals can only be loaded at the Public Transport Service Office in Turku (Aurakatu 5).


Card options

You can load a travel period/value onto a travel card at Föli service and loading points, on buses and in the online loading service.

Disability value cards

Disability value cards may only be used to pay for the card holder’s trip. The amount deducted from the card depends on the time of travel. The price includes the right to transfer between buses within a period of two hours.


  • Normal 1,70 €
  • Night 2,70 € (11 pm - 04 am)
  • Off-peak 1,45 € (Mon-Fri 9 am - 12.59 am)


Season tickets for people with disabilities

A season ticket is valid for 30 days from the first use. The ticket is valid for day and night travel, including night travel during the night following the last day of use. The season ticket can be used to make as many trips as desired. The ticket’s price is determined by the price in use at the time the ticket is loaded. The new period loaded onto the card starts from the first use following the current period, i.e. no days are lost even if the ticket is loaded in advance before the end of the current period.

You can also load more days onto a season ticket. You can load additional days while the season is still valid.

Prices, 30 days

  • Normal price 36 €
  • Online 33 €
  • 8 additional days 10 €