Participate in the planning of the line network for 2020!

29.05.2018 10:44

Participate in the planning of the line network for 2020!

Föli has published two drafts of its future line network. The drafts can be found on the website of the trunk line network project. The renewal aims to improve the ease of travel by increasing transverse connections, improving the accessibility of the entire Föli region and reducing the intervals between buses. At the same time, the line network and the hierarchy between lines will be clarified. The plan is to implement the new trunk line network in 2020. 

Participate in the planning – submit feedback about the drafts

The drafts, which were prepared in the form of online maps, showcase the new route options and the intervals planned for the lines. There are currently two drafts, but it is likely that the actual line network will consist of a combination of these two options. In order to determine the optimal solution, Föli is now requesting comments and statements concerning the drafts. The drafts have been published in the form of online maps that allow people to add comments and feedback. The feedback collected will be utilised in the detailed planning of the line network.

The trunk line network will also be showcased in a number of public events, the first of which will be held on 11 June at 18:00 at the auditorium at Puutarhakatu 1.  

Two route options for the circular trunk line

The key new feature compared to Föli’s current line network is the circular trunk line, for which there are two route options. The first option runs on the eastern side of the Aura River along Itäinen Pitkäkatu, while the second runs further away from the city centre along Eteläkaari. Both of the circular trunk line options would run via Kupittaa. On the western side, the circular trunk line would divide into two branches, the first of which would continue to either Artukainen or the Port, while the other would run via Mylly to the centre of Raisio. The circular trunk line would have an interval of 7–8 minutes during peak periods.

In addition to causing route changes, the new trunk line network will also introduce improvements to the bus stops envisioned as becoming the network’s key transfer stops. The aim is to also invest in park-and-ride facilities along the trunk lines, meaning parking spaces for bikes and cars in the vicinity of bus stops. Preliminary plans have already been prepared as part of the recently completed Turku region park-and-ride report. 

The proposed changes primarily concern public transport within Turku and regional lines. Possible changes to internal lines in Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali and Lieto that would support the new trunk line network will be planned later.



30.04.2019 11:46
In addition, the water bus service will operate on weekends; 7–8 and 14–15 September.
21.03.2019 14:17
Erillistä joukkoliikennelippua ei tarvita, vaan tapahtumalippu toimii myös bussilippuna.