Employers can encourage their employees and customers to exercise more in many ways. Employees and customers can be provided with information on the available public transport options to prompt them to use comfortable and environmentally friendly public transport. The Regional Public Transport Office will help you with designing guidance material.

The Föli commuter ticket

The Föli commuter ticket allows you to trade in sitting behind the wheel in traffic to relaxing and planning your dream vacation, for example. The commuter ticket is an excellent choice if you’re looking for employee benefits. It will be introduced in autumn 2019.


For employees, the commuter ticket is a tax-exempt benefit up to €3400. The maximum price for the commuter ticket for the employer is 25 euros a month, whereas the 30-day season ticket at a normal price would cost the employee 30 euros a month. The price for the 90-day season ticket is 73 euros, i.e. only approximately 25 euros per month.


The employer will not have to pay non-wage labour costs for the tax-exempt proportion of the employee benefit. Furthermore, the cost of the commuter ticket is tax deductible for the employer. The commuter ticket can be ordered at any time. The benefit is fiscal year specific.


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Timetable displays and bus stop maps in your premises

A timetable display screen shows the next times of departure in real time for bus stops near the company’s location. In order to view timetables, a suitable monitor screen and an internet connection are the only things required.


Install a timetable display screen:

  • You can display the real-time timetable display screen at omatpysakit.foli.fi.
  • Click on the map or enter the name/number of a stop, and select the stops you need.
  • The next departure times for the selected bus stops open in a new tab.
  • The number of rows visible in the timetable display can be controlled by typing a text in the toolbar, for example &pagerows=4 (shows 4 rows, the default value is 16 rows).


Map of bus stops

The nearest bus stops and the lines that stop there can be marked onto the areal map. Display the bus stop map in the lobby, for example.


Linking the journey planner to your company’s website

Companies can add a link to the Föli journey planner (reittiopas.foli.fi) onto their website or intranet.

Commuter vouchers are similar to lunch vouchers

Commuter vouchers are a handy way to provide employer-subsidised transport tickets. The vouchers work in the same way as lunch vouchers. Offering commuter vouchers will boost the company’s image and make it more attractive as an employer. Bus commuters also get more exercise. Employer-subsidised transport tickets are an employee benefit that is entirely tax-exempt up to 3400 euros.


Electronic commuter vouchers

Employees utilise the electronic commuter vouchers either in their mobile phones or in separate bus cards. Electronic commuter vouchers are currently offered by Eazybreak Oy, Smartum Oy, Edenred Finland Oy and ePassi Payments Oy.


Click here for more information on commuter vouchers.

Invoiced customers – running errands using Föli or Föli citybikes


As invoiced customers of Föli, companies can buy and load value and season cards offered by Föli. Ticket prices are as mentioned in the price list, and they are invoiced monthly. Companies or organisations can apply to become invoiced customers by email at joukkoliikenne(a)turku.fi.


Employers can purchase travel cards for their employees to use for work-related travel, for example. Travel cards can be used by anyone, so companies can use one or several travel cards amongst their employees.


The over 300 Föli citybikes in Turku can also be used for travel in the city centre area. The city bike stations are mainly located between the port of Turku and Kupittaa. Season cards include access rights to citybikes, and you can purchase this right for value cards at a price of 40 euros/year.




Citybike station in front of your company for €900/month

In Turku, companies can purchase a citybike station onto their property starting from €900/month. The station will improve commuter connections to the company premises for the benefit of employees and customers. Stations for Föli citybikes are also displayed on the Föli journey planner.

Citybike station price list:

  • Station for 10 citybikes, 900 euros + VAT/month
  • Station for 15 citybikes, 1,054 euros + VAT/month

The customer may name the station and provide information regarding their commitment to sustainable development in Turku on the other side of the station sign.


The station will be included in the City of Turku citybike network, and the service provider price includes all the services and responsibilities also related to the other citybike stations of the City of Turku. For example, the agreement covers the balancing of the number of bikes at each station in accordance with the agreement made with the City of Turku, ensuring that there will always be a sufficient number of bikes at your station.


The agreement is made for a fixed term (a minimum of 12 months), and the station will be delivered within 4 months of making the agreement.


Contact us to find out more about the available citybike stations: folifillarit(a)turku.fi
Read more about Föli citybikes: www.foli.fi/en/citybikes


Föli tickets attached to seminar or event invites

Föli tickets may be attached to various event tickets and seminar invitations. The tickets can also be read electronically, so a travel ticket can be delivered via email or printed straight onto an invitation. Föli tickets are also easy to link with event tickets sold through Lippupiste.


We are glad to provide further information and help you with drafting instruction material, for example. Contact us at: joukkoliikenne@turku.fi.

Föli mobile service point to visit your company?

At a mobile service point, you can buy and load Föli’s most popular cards and ask questions about the public transport services. You can ask for a mobile service point to visit your business by emailing joukkoliikenne(a)turku.fi.