The Fölix service costs a maximum of 8 euros. The feeder transport service will be piloted in the Raisio area on limited departures of bus lines 6 and 7. During the pilot stage, the service will only cover taxi rides within the Raisio area.


The taxi ride must be ordered from the taxi centre one hour before the journey, tel. +358 (0)2 100 41 (normal order fee EUR 1.17). The taxi will also pick up other customers going in the same direction. Bus stops 2009 and 2010 (lines 6 and 7) in the centre of Raisio will serve as Fölix stops. The service operates Mon–Fri 16–22 and Sat–Sun 8–20.

1. Plan your journey

Choose the bus departure that you would like to combine a taxi ride with.

PDF iconSee Fölix stops´timetables, pdf

(service hours: weekdays 16–22, Sat–Sun 8–20)

2. Order a taxi

Place your order at least one hour before the journey by calling the taxi centre’s number: +358 (0)2 100 41. (service fee EUR 1.17/order)

3. Choose your route

You can order a ride from a bus stop to your destination or from your location to a bus stop.

1. A pleasant new way to travel

Fölix takes you conveniently from your front door to your destination.

2. Affordable

The Fölix service costs only 8 euros.

3. The best of both worlds

Fölix combines the best parts of taxis and buses.

Green values

Taxi-pooling and riding the bus are more environmentally friendly modes of travel than driving a car.