Fölix takes you home

The Fölix service consists of taxi transport within the City of Raisio and bus travel within the Föli area.


Bus stops 2009 and 2010 in the centre of Raisio will serve as Fölix stops. Combine a taxi journey with a bus ride that starts or ends at either of these stops.


The service is available Mon–Fri 4–10 pm and Sat–Sun 8 am–8 pm.


The service is available to everyone.

Using Fölix is easy

You can travel by Fölix taxi either from Raisio city centre to your destination or from your destination to Raisio city centre.

You must order the taxi 30 minutes before your departure. The journey will cost you €5 + a service fee of €1.17. Please pay in the taxi.

You can transfer to Föli in the centre of Raisio. Pay for your journey as usual by using your travel card or a single ticket, for example.