A decision has been made to make Föli’s water bus service a permanent service, and the summer 2018 operating period of the water buses will begin on 21 May 2018. This year, the water bus service will be provided with two vessels, m/s Ruissalo and m/s Jaarli. This will allow for more frequent departures than last year, when the service was provided with a single vessel. Last summer, the service was operated with m/s Ruissalo alone. The new vessel, M/s Jaarli, is coming to Turku all the way from Mikkeli.

The water bus service will run from the Aura River to Ruissalo and Pikisaari between 21 May and 2 September 2018. In addition, the water bus service will operate on the September weekends of 7–9 September and 14–16 September.


The water bus runs from Martinsilta in the centre of Turku (Itäinen Rantakatu side) to Ruissalo. Along the way, the water bus stops at Forum Marinum as well as the Ruissalo shipyard or Pikisaari in Hirvensalo.


The travel time from Martinsilta to the Folk Park is approximately 45 minutes.


Exceptional timetables will be announced on this page.