Frequently asked questions



1 Bicycle-sharing system


1.1 What is the city bike-sharing system?

Föli bikes are shared-use bicycles that can be used by everyone moving around in Turku. City bikes have all kinds of uses but are meant mainly for short-term use. City bikes provide a new quick and easy way of getting around the city centre. The bikes are available 24/7 all year round and in winter they are equipped with winter tires.

The city bike-share system consists of bikes for public use and bike stations that serve as pick-up and drop-off points. The user can pick up and drop off a bike at any station. It is also possible to leave the bike locked for a short time at a place other than a bike station—for example, when visiting a store.

To use the bikes, you must register as a user in the system.


1.2 How many city bikes and bike stations are there?

There are 300 bikes and 41 bike stations. Two of the stations are POP-UP stations, that change location at least every third month. If you have a suggestion for a new location for a bike station, you can send them to the City of Turku’s feedback service.

You can check how many bikes there are in the station in real time through the Föli Journey Planner. The status is updated with a short delay.


1.3 Are there any electric bikes in the city bike-sharing system?

Currently there are no electric bikes in the city bike-sharing system.


2 Pricing


2.1 What does it cost to use a bike?

The price of city cycling consists of the usage fee. You can choose a ingle ride EUR 2 or one month EUR 6 (30 mins at a time).  The use of Föli bikes is also included in most of Föli's season tickets. Read more about it in section 6.1.


Föli bikes prices June


If the bike ride is longer than 30 minutes, each starting hour will be charged from the user according to the graphic below. You can use a city bike for up to five hours at a time. If the usage exceeds five continuous hours (0.5h + 4.5h), the extra fee is EUR 80 and it will be charged from the user’s payment card. For example, if you start using the bike at 12 o’clock, the maximum use time will be exceeded at 5 p.m.




2.2 Is it possible to get a receipt of a paid fee?

Receipt of paid fees will be sent to the e-mail address given in the user’s profile.


2.3 Is it possible to see the expenses of the usage?

The service is under development. In the future, it will possible to see the expenses on your own profile on the Föli website.


2.4 What happens if the bike is not returned at all?

If the bike is not returned within 24 hours, the bike is deemed as stolen and a fee will be charged from the user’s payment card. The amount of the fee is determined according to the terms of use, and is at most 2000 EUR.


2.5 What should I do if I notice an invoicing error?

In this kind of situation, please contact the Föli customer service or the e-mail address on the receipt, Describe shortly what has happened and attach the receipt to the e-mail.



3 Registration and paying


3.1 Who can register as a user of a city bike?

Everyone can register as a user and there is no age limit for registration. However, a payment card, an e-mail address and a phone number is required for the registration. It is possible to register with a prepaid connection or with a foreign phone number.


3.2 Where can you register?

You can register at Föli’s website.


3.3 How does the registration work?

The user enters their e-mail address and phone number, which will be used as the username, and their personal information. The user can also attach their Föli-card as the username. The user defines a personal six-digit PIN code when registering, which will be needed when using the bike.

After registering, the user must attach their payment card information to their profile under the section “payment card information”. To prevent misuse, the payment card information must be entered. After the 30 minutes, each starting hour will be charged from the user automatically, if the user is using the bike. When registering, the system reports charging 1 EUR from the payment card. The system is not charging anything at this point, it is verifying that the payment card is working.

If you have a Föli season ticket that includes the use of Föli bikes free of charge, you can find more information under section 6.1.


3.4 If I already have an account to charge my Föli card?

If you already have created an account to charge your Föli card, you don’t need to register separately. You can use the same account when logging in to the Föli bikes-website.

When logging in with this account for the first time, you need to enter your personal information under the section “profile” and attach a payment card.


3.5 Which payment cards are accepted?

All payment cards are accepted even though restrictions from authorizing banks may exist. If the card is not accepted when registering, you should contact your own bank. The Föli-card cannot be used as a payment card.


3.6 Is it possible to change the card used for paying?

Yes, you can change the payment card by entering the information of the new payment card to your account under the section “payment card information” and by choosing “update my payment card”.


3.7 Is it possible to pay for a season or additional hours with the value on the Travel Card?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. All fees are charged from the payment card.


3.8 Is it possible to give two or more phone numbers for one user?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. The phone number is the user’s cyclist ID, which means that each user must enter his/her own phone number in the system.


3.9 Is it possible to use Föli bikes with a prepaid connection or with a foreign phone number?

Yes, both options are possible.


3.10 Can one payment card be entered for many users?

Yes. One payment card can be entered for several different users. All users of the same payment card share the same PIN code and the holder of the payment card is responsible for all use of the payment card.


3.11 Is it possible for one user to use several bikes at the same time?

No. One user can only use one bike at a time.



4 Starting to use the bike and riding


4.1 How do I collect the bike from a station?

Have you registered in Föli and bought the service?

To start using the bike, you will need a Föli Travel Card or a phone number and PIN code that is entered to your user profile during registration. You may start using the bike by

1) Putting the Föli card on the card reader located above the back tire. Wait until the screen notifies “wait”. When you hear a short sound signal and you see the notification “open the lock”, you can remove the cable lock.




2) Entering your phone number on the keyboard located above the back tire and pressing OK. Then, enter the personal six-digit PIN code defined during the registration and press OK. After that, you will hear a short sound signal and you will see the notification “open the lock”. You can now remove the cable lock. Check the bike, adjust the saddle, put the the cable lock to the holder in the handlebar and enjoy your ride.

You can check the instruction video here.


4.2 How should the bike be returned to the station after the ride?

After the ride, the user returns the bike to any of the city bike stations. The user confirms the returning of the bike by pressing the OK button on the keyboard. Then, the bike is ready to be locked to an empty space in the rack and the cable lock can be pulled inside the handlebar to the place appointed for the cable. After this, you will hear a signal sound and see the notification “returned” after you have returned the bike successfully.

You can check the instruction video here.


4.3 Is it possible to temporarily park the bike, for example when going to a store?

It is possible to temporarily park the bike short-term outside of the stations. The bike should be locked with the cable lock to a fixed object, so that it is impossible to steal it by carrying. The cable is pulled from the handlebars and locked in the same way as at the stations. After locking the cable, the user presses the P button and the bike will be locked.

The bike can be used again by putting the Föli card on the card reader on the back of the bike or by entering the PIN code and pressing OK.

Please note, that parking mode spends journey time.


4.4 Can another user take a bike that is in P mode?

No, that is not possible. P mode is only intended for a short-term parking and the lock can be opened only by the same user who locked it.



5 Other events


5.1 Who can I contact if I have problems?

Problems with the bike must be reported to the Föli customer service. These events include the battery dying, problems with returning the bike or problems with the lock. If you think a rent has remained open, the Föli customer service can disconnect it, so you can use the bike again.

Any other problems with the bike can be reported filling a form at Via the form you can notify about, e.g. a flat tire or if the chain is not in place. Please note, that you won’t receive an answer from the form. If you need help with starting to use the bike, you can contact the Föli costumer service.

In case of an invoicing error, you can contact


5.2 Where can the user to check if their bike is currently being used?

For the time being, you can check this via Föli customer service.


5.3 What to do if the bike chosen from the station is damaged?

The user must return the bike to the rack and report the damage or failure via a form at After submitting the failure notice, the user must turn the saddle of the damaged bike 180 degrees, so that other users notice that the bike is out of use. Please note, that you won’t receive an answer from the form.


5.4 What to do if the bike station is empty?

If the bike station is empty, the user may search for another station where bikes are available. You can find the closest station via the Journey Planner.


5.5 What to do if the station is full when returning the bike?

It is possible to return the bike to a full station. In this kind of situation, the bike is returned normally, but locked with the cable lock to another bike that is locked to the station.


5.6 What should I do, if I have forgotten my password?

You can reset the password through Föli’s website. Please note, that capital and lowercase letters matter.


5.7 How can I delete my Föli-account?

If you want to delete your account and information from the system, send a request to Send the request from the e-mail address registered in your account and attach your phone number. You can also fill in a request form at Föli’s service desk or at the Urban Environment Devision customer service desk. When returning the form we check your identity.

Please note, that if you use the same account for charging your Föli card online, this account will also be deleted.


5.8 What should I do if I have an accident when using a Föli city bike?

If it is an emergency and the police or ambulance is immediately required, please call the emergency number 112. After this, report the accident to the customer service.

If the bike is not returned due to the accident, notify the customer service so the rent can be ended.


5.9 What happens and what should I do if the bike is stolen from me?

It must be immediately reported to the customer service and the police.

Southwest Finland Police Department
Eerikinkatu 40–42
PL 51, 20101 Turku
Tel. +358 295 440 501 (switchboard)

Online offence report



6 Additional information


6.1 Which benefits will the public transport users receive concerning the city bikes?

The use of Föli bikes is included in most of the season tickets. The following normally priced season ticket products include access to the Föli bikes free of charge: season ticket 30 days, season ticket 90 days, season ticket 180 days, annual free card, so-called Kela card of upper vocational training students, direct payment card, continuously valid Travel Card and holder-specific season ticket.

To get access to the Föli bikes free of charge, the user must register to the city bike system and attach a payment card to their profile. The user must also attach the Föli card number.


Season tickets users can use the bikes only by using the Föli card, other users manage to get access also by using a combination of their phone number and their PIN code.


Parallel cards of regional public transport cards cannot be used, since it is not agreed with the regional public transport municipalities. It is not possible to use the school cards paid by the municipalities for Föli bikes. Tupla cards do not include the possibility to use the bikes during the trial.


6.2 Is it possible to ride wherever I want?

The Föli bikes are subject to the same regulations as normal bikes. According to the terms of use, the bikes should be used in the Turku area. The user should pay attention to the location of the city bike stations to return the bike.


6.3 How can you find the city bike stations?

The city bike station map can be found on Föli's Journey Planner. The city bike stations are marked with a Föli bike sign pole.


6.4 Is it possible for the user to see their own use history in the personal profile?

The feature will be implemented in the near future, so the user can see their use history in their own profile.


6.5 Which safety equipment is there on the bike?

The bike has both hand brake and a coaster (pedal) brake system, a front and tail light that is automatically on when riding, a bell and in the winter the bikes will be equipped with winter tires.


6.6 Can the bike be adjusted for cyclists of different sizes?

It is possible to adjust the height of the saddle. The recommended height is above 140 cm.


6.7 Do I have to use a helmet?

According to section 90 of the Road Traffic Act (267/1981) a cyclist or a passenger of a bike should usually use an appropriate safety helmet when riding a bike.


6.8 Is it possible to attach a trailer or a child seat to the bike?

It is not allowed to attach anything to a city bike. When registering to the city bike-sharing system, the user undertakes to comply with the conditions and limitations related to the use of the city bikes. 


6.9 How is the operability of the city bike-sharing system taken care of?

The operator of the city bike-sharing system is responsible for the maintenance and balancing of bikes. Balancing means that the operator will follow in real time the fullness of the city bike stations and strive to balance the number of bikes at stations. The aim with balancing is to make sure no station is completely empty or full at any time.


6.10 Where can I find the Föli-bikes terms of use?

You can read the terms of use here: PDF iconTerms and conditions for the Föli bicycle-sharing system 1.6.2020_EN.pdf


6.11 Where can I send in suggestions on new locations for bike stations?

You can send in suggestions through City of Turku’s feedback service.


6.12 Can I get a bike station for my company?

It is possible. Send an e-mail to to get more information.


6.13 Who is responsible for the city bike-share system and who pays for it?

The subscriber of the system is the City of Turku and it is a part of the sustainable mobility project CIVITAS ECCENTRIC. The supplier of the system is Nextbike Polska S.A., and it will be operated by the supplier’s subcontractor. The financing consists of EU support though the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project, user fees, advertisements and subsidies from the city.


6.14 Technical information of the bike

1. Frame - low type of a unisex urban bike, made of strong, light and rustproof material
2. Front hub - hub – dynamo
3. Rear hub - three-speed with coaster brake
4. Fork - stiff (without suspension fork), steel 1 1/8"
5. Handlebar as a city bike - enabling driving in an upright position. The handlebar can not be detached from the frame.
6. Steering support - 1 1/8", steel
7. Tires - at least 26" in size and not less than 1.75 thick "in black, with reflective strap, puncture resistant.
8. Transmission transfer - chain driven drive.
9. Crankset - metal (not made of plastics).
10. Chain cover - made of plastic - polycarbonate, prevents elements of the dress from getting into driving elements.
11. Bell
12. Mudguards - front and rear with adequate durability.
13. Lighting - rear red LED lamp with integrated reflective element, front white LED lamp type with integrated reflective element
14. Front brake - clamping.
15. Rear brake - integrated in the rear hub (coaster brake).
16. Saddle - with plastic sheeting made of foam, equipped with a soft padding and its height can be comfortably adjusted with a quick snap.
17. Kickstand - made of metal.
18. Handlebar basket - made of durable and weather-resistant material with a capacity of approx. 15 l and a load capacity of 5 kg allowing carrying small hand luggage.
19. Bicycle lock - works the same way as the electric bicycle's intelligent lock. It allows you to attach a bike at the station or to an external object outside the stations, (attached to the bike).
20. Emblem / sticker on a bicycle frame identifying it as part of the Föli system.
21. Information sticker in the designated area of the rear wheel informing about the bicycle number, contact details of the help, service or Contact Center.
22. Rear wheel cover protecting against screwing of loose elements of clothing in a circle made of plastic, opaque. Covering the rear wheel used for graphic advertising.
23. GPS module - powered by dynamo, enabling the collection of information about the routes of Föli customers' journeys and enabling the location of, for example, a lost bicycle. Mounted in a way that prevents disassembly by unauthorized persons.
24. Card reader - The bike is equipped with a card reader based on the MIFARE DESFire technology. The card should be read contactless by the reader.
25. Intelligent electric lock - can be opened with the Föli card.


6.15 Where can I ask about lost property?

You can ask about lost property from Suomen löytötavarapalvelu.

Suomen löytötavarapalvelu
Aurakatu 5, 20320 Turku
Tel. +358 600 03391 (1.98 €/min + LNC)

Open Mon-Fri 9–17, Sat 10–14


6.16  What should I do if I want to advertise my company on the city bikes?

The advertisements are divided into two: outdoor advertising and digital advertising.

Advertising sale – bikes and advertising slots at the bike stations
Clear Channel Suomi Oy.
Lassi Tolonen, Tuote- ja kehitysjohtaja
p. 040 523 0041,


Local digital environment and digital advertising
Ulkomainosyhtiö Laulava Ovipumppu Oy
Timo Kummala, Toimitusjohtaja
p. 0400 514 356,