Mobile ticket - say goodbye to coins!

Mobile ticket - say goodbye to coins!

You can also purchase tickets via the Föli application. After doing so, simply show the ticket to the same reader device on the bus used to check travel cards – but be sure to place your phone under the device. You can download the Föli application on Apple and Android phones from your phone’s application store (Apple / Google Play). The application can be used to purchase tickets and access the Föli journey planner. On the Traffic tab you can check current traffic notices about exceptional routes and other Föli news.

Föli tickets available for purchase via the application

  • Best price ticket, which calculates the most affordable option for the customer based on the number of tickets and trips needed. 
  • Single tickets for adults and children (ages 7–14).
  • 10-trip tickets for adults and children. The ticket package is valid for three months, and the tickets are not valid during the hours when buses charge the night fare (23:00–4:00).
  • Daily tickets (1–7 and 14 days).
  • 30-day tickets for adults.

The application also occasionally offers combination tickets, which include admission to an event as well as a bus ticket.

All tickets are valid in the entire Föli area. The validity period of tickets purchased via the application begins from the moment of purchase. Be sure to purchase your ticket before boarding a bus.

In the bus, the ticket is read by placing your phone approximately 10 centimetres under the reader device, at which point the reader scans the ticket QR code. During sunny weather, you should cover your phone screen with your hand, for example, to prevent glare. Please make sure that your phone has enough battery for the entire trip. Use of the application requires an internet connection.

Load your travel card

You can also use the Föli application to load your existing physical travel card.

There is also a mobile-only, adult 30-day season ticket available for purchase via the application. The ticket can be used in Föli’s transport similarly to the normal season ticket. However, it only allows 15 trips a day and 5 trips an hour.

In the event of a problem

In the event of payment-related or other sudden problems, please contact the service provider via e-mail at tuki(a) Development ideas can be submitted via Föli’s feedback service.

1. Download the application. 2. Buy the ticket. 3. Register and choose your payment method. 4. Present the ticket to the reader device in the bus.