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Turku region traffic

No more cash payments on Föli buses until further notice



Board decisions


Tickets and prices





A single ticket cannot be paid in cash on the bus. We don't handle cash on buses to prevent further spread of the Omicron variant. The policy entered into force on Wednesday 22 December. This means that for the time being, a single ticket cannot be paid in cash on the bus. A journey can be paid with contactless payment (debit or credit card or mobile device), a travel card or a ticket purchased via the Föli application. Customers can also purchase single and daily tickets at all R-kioski shops located in the Föli area and Föli ticket machines, that can be found in Hansa shopping centre and ICT-City in Kupittaa, for example.

Using a face mask is recommended when using Föli transport. It is recommended to use a mask at stops and on buses. The recommendation applies to those aged 12 or over.

As the corona situation has deteriorated, the way every person acts matters. In addition to wearing a mask, take care of personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently. You should also keep a safe distance to other passengers at bus stops. If travelling during peak hours is not necessary, you should schedule your travel for another time. The traffic in the Föli traffic area is at its busiest on weekdays approximately between 07:00 and 08:30 and between 13:00 and 16:30. It is generally quieter on weekends and on Christmas. 

Information on the effects of COVID-19 on Föli traffic and services: