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Turku region traffic

Face masks are mandatory on Föli






All those aged 12 or over must wear a mask when using Föli public transport unless there is a health reason not to wear one. As of Tuesday 10 August, Föli readopts the mask mandate in public transport due to the deteriorated coronavirus situation.

As the corona situation has deteriorated, the way every person acts matters. In addition to wearing a mask, you should practise good hand hygiene and pay the bus or water bus fare with a travel card, mobile ticket or through a contactless payment. You should also keep a safe distance to other passengers at bus stops. If travelling during peak hours is not necessary, you should schedule your travel for another time. The traffic  in the Föli traffic area is at its busiest on weekdays approximately between 07:00 and 08:00 and between 13:00 and 16:30. 

The mandate for wearing a mask will be added to Föli’s terms of travel. The mandate will remain in effect until further notice. Föli drivers will also wear a mask where possible.

Föli already had a mask mandate in place in the spring, but it was changed to be a recommendation in June as the coronavirus situation appeared better.  


What does the mask mandate mean?  

The mask mandate means that passengers will be required to have a mask properly on their face when travelling on a bus from 10 August 2021 onwards. Masks are not required for passengers aged under 12 or passengers who have health-related reasons for not wearing a mask. 

What is the mask mandate based on?  

The mask mandate is based on a change in Föli’s terms and conditions for travel approved by the Turku Region Public Transport Committee. The terms and conditions are available on the Föli website and at service points. 

Why was the mask mandate introduced now? 

With the worsened coronavirus situation in the Föli area, we have decided to introduce a mask mandate. The purpose of the mandate is to make travel safer. To ensure safety, we recommend travelling outside of peak hours to make it easier to maintain a safe distance from other passengers. We also recommend that passengers take care of good hygiene. You must not get on a bus if you feel ill. 

What else is Föli doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19? 

To ensure safety, we recommend travelling outside of peak hours to make it easier to maintain a safe distance from other passengers. We also recommend that passengers take care of good hygiene. We will further intensify our communications on these matters. You must not get on a bus if you feel ill. Hand sanitiser is available on the buses, and the buses are cleaned frequently. There are currently no restrictions on the number of passengers, and any such restrictions would be imposed by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. 

What will happen if a passenger is not wearing a mask? Will they be allowed to get on?  

A customer without a mask will be allowed on the bus. 

Is Föli providing masks for its customers?  

Föli is not providing masks for its customers at the moment, and passengers must have their own mask with them. The possibility of distributing masks has been investigated, but it cannot be done, at least for the time being. 

Should the mask be worn throughout the journey?  

Yes, it should. The mask should be put on the face before getting on the bus and only removed after getting off the bus. 

Do children need to wear masks?  

Children under the age of 12 do not need to wear a mask on the bus.  

Does the mandate apply to drivers? 

Drivers wear masks when possible, taking health and road safety into account. 

Which health-related reasons exempt one from wearing a mask?  

Health-related impediments should be discussed with a doctor. 

How and to whom should it be proven that there is a health-related reason for not wearing a mask? Does one need a doctor’s certificate?  

Some passengers may have health-related reasons for not wearing a mask. We do not require proof of any health-related impediments.  

Can you wear a visor instead of a mask?  

You can wear a visor if you cannot wear a mask for health reasons. 

Why has the use of cash not been discontinued, but a mask mandate is being imposed? 

Föli buses now accept contactless payment, and loading a travel card is no longer possible on the bus. The use of cash on buses is so minor that it has not been discontinued. 

How is the mask mandate enforced?  

There will be no employees on the buses to enforce the mandate. The primary purpose of the mask mandate is to signal that the coronavirus situation is serious and masks must be worn to ensure that public transport and its flow can continue to be guaranteed.  

Do you need to wear a mask even if you are the only passenger?  

You need to wear a mask even if you are the only passenger. More passengers may get on at any stop. 

Will a passenger without a mask be removed from the bus? 

Passengers without masks will not be removed from the bus. Drivers and Föli inspectors may advise customers on the use of masks if necessary.