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Föli bikes arrive in Turku for the Ruisrock weekend



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The Turku city bikes, also known as Föli bikes or ‘fölläris’, will make a return to Turku’s cityscape this Friday, 8 July. This summer, the city bike season will continue until the end of October.   

Turku wanted to get the bikes to the city before the Ruisrock festival held this weekend, and now around 250 bikes will be available during the weekend. The remaining bikes will be gradually returned to the stations from the beginning of next week. At first, the bikes will be placed close to the city centre, but all bike stations will be available, so users can also return the bikes to stations outside the city centre. There will be a total of 700 bikes and more than 100 stations in Turku, which means that the system will expand considerably.  

The locations of the stations can be found in the Föli Journey Planner, Turku service map and the Donkey Republic application. The new city bike system includes stations with physical racks as well as virtual stations. In the Turku city centre area, the city bike station network is based on stations with bike racks. Outside the city centre, the stations may not have any physical structures and users have to check the location of the stations in the app.  

New system works with the Donkey Republic app  

The Föli season ticket that is valid for at least 30 days includes a right to use the Föli bikes. Without the Föli season ticket, the one-off fee for a Föli bike is EUR 2 and the monthly fee is EUR 6. This summer, the season product costs EUR 25 for the cycling season, but in the coming years, the price will be EUR 35 during the cycling season from the beginning of April to the end of October. All prices include one hour of riding time at a time, after which the user is charged a fee in accordance with the price list for additional time.  

You can access the bikes with the Donkey Republic mobile app, which opens and locks the electronic wheel lock. The app can be downloaded to Apple and Android phones in an app store.  

How to use the Föli bikes:  

  1. Download the Donkey Republic app on your phone and sign up as a user 
  2. Find a Föli bike and open its Bluetooth lock with the app 
  3. Enjoy your bike ride 
  4. Return the bike to a station and end the rental in the app 

If you encounter a problem related to the bike, contact the Donkey Republic customer service, tel. +358 2 4885 8185. 
The customer service is open on weekdays from 7 to 21 and on weekends and holidays from 10 to 21.  

For more information about the Föli bikes, see fööllärit