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How do you get on the bus? Are you allowed to eat ice cream on a bus? And what colour is the Föli bus?

Travelling with Föli is easy, but the first time many things may cause confusion. The Föli for children website offers a fun way to explore bus travel and Föli from home, even before the first bus journey. The page contains instructions on children's Föli tickets for adults as well.

For example, you can test your knowledge of Föli on the Föli for children page, print a bingo grid to play on bus trips and download Föli-themed colouring images!

Children ride on the bus at a discount

Children under the age of 15 travel cheaply with Föli at a discount. With a value card, the daytime fare for children is 1.10 euros. With a season card, 30 days costs 27 euros. The discount is granted to children under 15 years of age who live or have their municipality of residence in the Föli area.

Children also get the single ticket at half price, which means that the ticket price for a child is 1.5 euros. Tickets can be bought on the bus with contactless payment, from a ticket machine with a payment card or from the Föli application. Single tickets cost 2 euros when bought on a bus using cash.

Children under 7 travel free of charge with a paying passenger or a passenger with a child in a pram. 

Check out the Föli for children page: