New journey planner has replaced the old one

18.09.2017 12:29

New journey planner has replaced the old one

Föli’s new journey planner is now available at the familiar address, The old journey planner has been transferred to, where it will remain available for the time being. The new journey planner is more user-friendly, and schedules and routes are easier to find. For instructions on using the new journey planner, please visit

The new journey planner service is based on the national journey planner. The new service will find routes and timetables within the Föli region. The new journey planner is based on open interfaces, and it uses the open public transportation data produced by Föli. This allows even third parties to use Föli’s information in their applications.



26.02.2018 09:12
Park up your car and catch a bus with Föli!
26.02.2018 09:10
After which the ticket prices will be the same regardless of the payment method.