An increasing number of theatre and concert tickets include a public transport ticket. This means that your event ticket doubles as a Föli ticket.


Tickets to these events function as Föli tickets, allowing the ticket-holder to travel on Föli buses and water buses before and after the event in question without the need for a separate bus ticket. The Föli bus ticket included in an event ticket can be used for three hours before the performance in question and two hours after it. Each ticket can be used for a total of four trips, meaning that you can transfer between buses once each way, if necessary.


Föli operates in Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Lieto, Naantali and Rusko, with the same tickets valid in the entire operating area.

Turku City Theatre

Turku City Theatre on the bank of the Aura River wants to provide low-threshold services and ensure that people find the theatre easy to visit. That is why it started a new kind of cooperation experiment with Föli in September 2018. Since then, Turku City Theatre tickets have also included a Föli ticket. The experiment was greeted with enthusiasm and the cooperation is set to continue.


Today, Turku City Theatre tickets are quite the allrounders, as the event ticket also functions as a cloakroom ticket in addition to a bus ticket. Forget the hunt for a parking place and let Föli bring you all the way to the entrance of the theatre!


PLEASE NOTE! The Föli ticket is not included in tickets to summer comedies performed at Emma Teatteri.


Read more about Turku City Theatre events:
Location: Itäinen Rantakatu 14, Turku


Turku Philharmonic Orchestra concerts


You can enjoy the impressive selection of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra concerts from September to May. Symphony and lighter music concerts are held every week in Turku Concert Hall on Aninkaistenmäki. In addition to this, the smaller chamber music ensembles of the orchestra perform regularly throughout Turku in various beautiful spaces. Jump aboard Föli and enjoy some music!


Note! The Föli ticket is not included in tickets to events organised by organisers outside the Turku Concert Hall or in serial tickets. The serial tickets can be exchanged to separate tickets at TFO's ticket sales which can be used on a bus.


Read more about the programme:

Location: Aninkaistenkatu 9, Turku


Linnateatteri in Turku, which has been operational since 2003, specialises in comedy, music and tasty food with no pretences.


Linnateatteri wants to provide versatile entertainment experiences that feed both the body and the soul. In addition to plays intended for both adults and children, Linnateatteri serves as a concert and stand-up venue.


In terms of the number of visitors, Linnateatteri is one of the largest theatres in Finland, and it is located right in the heart of Turku: in Domino at the corner of Puutarhakatu and Humalistonkatu. Psst! The theatre ticket now doubles as a bus ticket. Enjoy a relaxed evening and let Föli drive you there.


Read more about the Linnateatteri programme at

Location: Humalistonkatu 7, Turku

Åbo Svenska Teater

From autumn 2020 onwards, Åbo Svenska Teater tickets will also double as Föli tickets. The oldest theatre building in Finland is a genuine pearl at the corner of the Market Square. The theatre experience begins as soon as you step inside the 19th century building. The small yet grand theatre has an extensive repertoire for theatre-goers both big and small. 

Read more about Åbo Svenska Teater’s repertoire at

Location: Eerikinkatu 13, Turku

Picture: Pette Rissanen


HC TPS 2020–2021 season tickets include Föli tickets! This means that your season ticket entitles you to free transport by bus to Gatorade Center and back on days that there are regular season home matches (not valid on practice match days). The bus ticket is valid for three hours before and two hours after the match, and you can change buses.
Matches and additional information:

Föli tickets to seminars and events

Föli tickets may be attached to various event tickets and seminar invitations. The tickets are read electronically, so a travel ticket can be delivered via email or printed straight onto an invitation. Föli tickets are also easy to link with event tickets sold through Lippupiste. Turku Region Public Transport Föli operates in Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto and Rusko. The entire area has a flat rate, meaning that tickets are valid in all six municipalities.


Meeting and conference invitations

Föli tickets can be attached to meeting or conference invitations. The QR code on the invitation serves as the public transport ticket and it is read in the bus / water bus. No separate Föli ticket is needed.


Event tickets sold through Lippupiste

Föli tickets are easy to attach to any event ticket sold through Lippupiste. The Föli ticket is printed as part of the event ticket, which means you do not need a separate public transport ticket. The event ticket is presented to the reader in the Föli bus / water bus, and the reader reads the bar code on the ticket.


Joint tickets must be agreed with Föli

If an event organiser or company wishes to include a Föli ticket in their ticket/invitation, the matter and the price must be agreed with Föli in advance. Please contact Föli well in advance.

The event organiser is in charge of distributing tickets to customers. The Föli ticket can be delivered to the customer electronically or on paper.


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