Lost property and missing travel cards

Lost property and missing travel cards

Lost Föli cards

You can inquire after a lost Föli card by visiting the Monitori Market Square.

Missing cards can only be deactivated by visiting a service point in person. You cannot temporarily deactivate your card over the telephone or in the chat service.

Every Monday, the lost cards from the previous week are delivered to the Monitori Market Square. If you have lost your card over the weekend, for example, you may ask for it on Monday after 2 pm in the afternoon. Lost cards are stored for three weeks.

A missing card can be replaced with a new card at a service point.

A season product or value balance loaded onto a lost card can be transferred to a new card at a Föli service point. A new card costs 5 euros, and a 7-euro processing fee is charged for transferring balances. Remember to bring proof of ID with you when you go to a service point.

Did you find someone’s Föli card?

You can return the Föli card to the Monitori Market Square e or give it to the bus driver. No reward will be paid for the return of lost cards.

Other lost property
Did you forget your gloves, backpack or other valuables in the bus?

You can inquire after any items left on a Föli bus at Suomen löytötavarapalvelu (Lost & Found International). Lost property is forwarded to Suomen löytötavarapalvelu three times a week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Address: Kauppakeskus Länsi 1, Viilarinkatu 5, 20320 Turku
Tel. +358 (0)600 03391 (€1.98/min + mobile call charge/local network charge)
Open on weekdays 9 am–5 pm, Saturdays 10 am–2 pm


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