Almost all buses operated by Turku Region Public Transport are low-floor buses. There are no steps between the front entrance and the entrance in the middle of the bus, which makes it easier for passengers to board the bus and move around inside.

There are service lines operating in Turku that are particularly suitable for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. Unlike other forms of public transport, the buses on these service lines can also stop outside actual bus stop areas.

The Public Transport Service Office at the centre of Turku is accessible and located at street level at Aurakatu 5.


Persons who are travelling with a child in a pushchair may use the public transport in Turku free of charge. The buses have some space available for pushchairs, prams and wheelchairs near the door in the middle of the bus. Do not obstruct the aisle.

People with reduced mobility

All buses include seats that are reserved for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. These seats are located at the front of the bus. If necessary, passengers may also exit the bus via the front entrance.

Visually impaired people

When boarding a bus, a visually impaired person may ask the driver for assistance with using the travel card reader. The driver will also tell the passenger the amount of money remaining on the card. If a visually impaired person has a disability travel card that entitles him/her to be escorted by another person, the escort may travel with him/her free of charge.

Wheelchairs and walkers

Persons seated in wheelchairs may travel free of charge. The escort of a person who has a disability travel card entitling them to an escort may also travel free of charge. Passengers who use a walker may board a bus using the entrance in the middle of the bus, but they must go to the front of the bus to use the travel card reader. If necessary, they may request assistance from other passengers or the driver.
Buses do not transport mobility scooters, as they lack the sufficient safety equipment for this.