How to use public transport

How to use public transport


Almost all buses operated by Turku Region Public Transport are low-floor buses.
Persons seated in wheelchairs may travel free of charge. The escort of a person who has a disability travel card entitling them to an escort may also travel free of charge.

Persons who are travelling with a child in a pushchair may use the public transport in Turku region free of charge.

More information on accessibility.

How to use Föli timetable search and journey planner

Föli journey planner, bus stop search designed for mobile phones and bus stop timetables give real-time information on the timetables by utilising the location information of the buses. The ‘Buses on the map’ service gives access to real-time bus locations on the map.

More information on how to use Föli journey planner.

Paying with a travel card on the bus

The travel card is shown to the yellow smart card reader device which is located in the front of the bus, next to the driver. All you have to do is show the card to the device. There is no need to press any buttons.

The mobile ticket is read on the bus with the same reader device. Simply place your mobile phone under the reader device with the screen facing up.

Paying attention to other passengers

Get your travel card, mobile ticket, single ticket or fare (preferably in exact change) ready to ensure a smooth flow of passengers. Board the bus via the front entrance. Please exit through the doors at the middle or back of the bus. When exiting the bus, press the stop button well enough in advance.

Keep your bags in your lap or on the floor, do not reserve a separate ‘seat’ for them. Be considerate of the elderly, people with disabilities and pregnant women by giving them your seat when the bus is crowded. Local buses have seating as well as space for standing. Fill the standing space starting from the back of the bus.

Please exercise restraint when using your mobile phone. Also be considerate of your fellow passengers at the bus stop – avoid smoking inside the bus shelter.

Printed material

The Föli timetable is published twice a year, in spring and autumn. Route maps are sold in Föli service points. Brochures on the use of public transport and Föli tickets are also available in service points.

Frequently asked questions

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