The funicular being built at Kakolanmäki will be introduced in 2018. Contrary to previous information, travelling on the funicular will be free of charge. The funicular will complement the public transportation service in Turku. The station will be located right next to the bus stop of line 1.

Planning work for the funicular is proceeding

The visual look of the funicular cabin has been developed further from the original solution provided by the supplier. The aim is for the cabin to form a unified look with the stations, and special attention is also paid to the accessibility of the cabin interior. These changes, small in scale yet significant from a visual standpoint, will cause a delay in the schedule. The completion schedule has now been revised so that the funicular is to be commissioned in the spring of 2018.

Föli expects the funicular to have efficiency and style

In the long term, connecting the public transport of Kakolanmäki with the funicular to the traffic-heavy trunkline 1 between the Port and the Market Square will be the most cost-efficient way to organise public transport in Kakolanmäki. Read more.