Forget about cards – travel mobile

09.11.2017 11:54

Forget about cards – travel mobile

Föli’s mobile application currently offers a 30-day mobile season ticket as a trial. This entirely mobile season ticket can be purchased by selecting Mobile season ticket in the app, with both adult’s and children’s 30-day tickets available. The ticket can be used in Föli’s transport similarly to the normal season ticket. However, it only allows 15 trips a day and 5 trips an hour. When using a season ticket, the app must have a constant network connection in order to work and the customer must make sure that their phone has enough battery life for the duration of their trip. Without a network connection, the ticket cannot be used. When getting on a vehicle, the barcode of the season ticket is shown to the card reader in the lower part of the device for stamping. Without a validation, the ticket cannot be used for travel. The validity period of a ticket begins immediately after purchase, not from the first use as when travelling with a travel card.

If problems arise during the trial, for example if the application does not work, customers are requested to contact the mobile application provider directly at in acute situations, and Föli’s feedback service with any other matters. You can also give feedback with the questionnaire sent to you via email. All customers who purchase a mobile season ticket are sent an email link to a questionnaire asking about the user experience regarding how well the ticket and the network connections work, and about the speed of the card readers. We hope to receive as many replies as possible so that we can continue to develop our season ticket.


A quantity discount on single mobile tickets

Starting on 1 December 2017, 10-trip tickets will become available for purchase with Föli’s mobile app. The multi-trip ticket contains 10 single tickets for Föli, and the tickets are valid for three months. This ticket package costs the same as nine single tickets, meaning that with the package you get one single ticket for free.

More than one of these tickets may be activated simultaneously and used to pay for multiple people’s trips. When used in this way, each ticket must also be stamped with the card reader when changing vehicles. The multi-trip tickets are available for both adults (10 tickets/€ 27) and children (10 tickets/€ 13.50). The multi-trip tickets can only be used during daytime, i.e. they cannot be used between 11 pm and 4 am, unless the ticket has been activated before 11 pm.

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