Föli's winter timetable period starts on Monday 25 Septemper

16.10.2017 08:21

Föli's winter timetable period starts on Monday 25 Septemper

Föli’s winter timetable period starts on Monday 25 September 2017. The major changes are:

Line 7A will run between Turku and Raisio during rush hours. It will run on the route of lines 6 and 7 from the Market Square to Vuorenpää in Raisio.

The route of line 8 in the centre of Turku and its departure stop on Market Square will change. The route from Ruissalo goes along Puutarhakatu – Aurakatu – Eerikinkatu – Market Square T41. The route to Ruissalo remains as it has been.

Linjan 8 uusi reitti Turun keskustassa

The terminus for line 55 in Haarla will change. At the same time, the ring-like part of the route will be discontinued. The new route to Haarla runs along Hirvensalonsilta – Kakskerrantie – Tammistontie, and the same route is used for the opposite direction towards Market Square. The new terminus in Haarla is located at the Haarlahdentie junction. Line 56 will be discontinued.

Linjan 55 reittimuutos

Line 58 will no longer run on Honkaistentie; instead, the line will run directly from Kukolantie to Kakskerrantie and Hirvensalonsilta, and vice versa.

Linjan 58 reittimuutos

Some departures for lines 206, R1, and R2 will run via the northern gate of the Perno shipyard. Lines R1 and R2 will run even on school holidays.

Linjojen 206, R1 ja R2 reittimuutos

Lines N1 and N2, which run within Naantali, will run even on school holidays.



04.12.2017 13:53
Föli mobile app now also includes the Föli Journey Planner.
09.11.2017 11:54
Föli’s mobile application currently offers a 30-day mobile season ticket as a trial.
20.10.2017 07:58
Other electronic commuter vouchers are in use as well.